Photoshop CC 19.1.6 Scaling Stroke Layer Effect Strange Behavior

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I've run into some odd behavior that is reproducible. When applying a stroke to a shape and then scaling the stroke, the stroke will sometimes scale as expected and sometimes not. There does not seem to be a reliable way to know when it will work and when it won't, though luckily the same settings will produce the same results each time so it can be relaibly reproduced.

Strokes can be applied either through layer effects OR via the shape property stroke settings. Results will be the same.

Once a stroke is on a shape going to Image > Image Size and scaling the entire image up or down WITH scale styles enabled will produce seemingly erratic behavior. Sometimes the stroke will scale based on the settings you've chosen. Sometimes it won't.

I have previously posted in the forums and had a few other users report that they were able to reproduce as well. The full thread with pictures can be seen here.

Here's the except from that thread that I posted on how to reproduce:

  1. File > New
  2. Enter a value for the width and height. In this example I will do 100x120, 72ppi, RGB 8 bit
  3. Create a shape. I'll select the rounded rectangle tool and draw a rectangle on the canvas. In my example I ended up with a rectangle with these values: w:77, H:102, X:12, Y:8, a corner radius of 10px, a white file and no stroke.
  4. Double-click the layer to add a style. I'm using a stroke of 2 pixels, position outside, blend normal, 100% opacity, red with fill color.
  5. Image > Image Size
Given the above:
  • Change the resolution to 620ppi: stroke scales correctly
  • Change the width to 500px: stroke scales correctly
  • Change width to 1000px: stroke scales correctly
  • Change width to 877px: stroke scales incorrectly
  • Change width to 878px: stroke scales incorrectly
  • Change height to 620px: stroke scales incorrectly
  • Change height to 900px: stroke scales correctly
Thanks for taking a look at this issue!

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Posted 1 year ago

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Few notes:
1) document must be scaled proportionally otherwise style scaling can't work. 
2) shape strokes work with decimal number
3) layer styles work with whole pixel values so there might be rounding oddity.

As workaround you could try my script "transform with style" it is not for document scaling it scales selected layer so for your case it is not so elegant but should work.
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This has been broken since photoshop cs4.

Worked fine in phoptoshop cs thru cs3.
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Has anyone checked to see if this was fixed in the new photoshop cc 2019?
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The answer is No it was not fixed in photoshop cc 2019.