Photoshop CC 19.1.6: Changing save location actions steps by itself

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Just updated Photoshop CC 2018 to latest version, 19.1.6,launched it, opened an image, and ran an action I use often, and again, itchanged the last Save As step, putting the resulting jpeg image in a totallydifferent (and seemingly random) folder, and renaming it with two words insteadof the file number. I have used this action in the past few months, so the onlything that changed is the version of Photoshop. Still using same image drive aswhen action worked properly, so that is not the culprit. 

I posted about this issue previously, about 4 months ago,about an earlier version of Photoshop CC 2018, but cannot find post/thread Iadded to... This is what I posted before:

 “I had it happen again- I ran an action, but the createdjpeg could not be found in the desired location.  I looked, and that step in the action hadchanged the Save As location from where it was set to a completely differentfolder! I then check several other actions, and they also exhibited the samebehavior- some Save As steps had spontaneously changed the location from wherethe action step was set to new and different random location, such as a folderI have not saved anything to in over 10 years (if ever). Other Save As steps inone action (I have multiple variations I can toggle on & off) still showthe same “old (correct) Save As location.

 The only thing I did recently was to clone the drive thatthe images reside on, then shut down computer, I swapped out the clone for theprevious one, and restarted the computer. All open folders from before theswitch opened and displayed the contents as before, so the OS considers the“new” clone drive the same as the “old” drive, as does Lightroom (no problemsfinding images), but could Photoshop somehow be confused, and randomly changesome Save As locations to random places, while leaving other ones set to thesame exact folder untouched? It boggles my mind that this could happen, but...

If this is the cause, I will now have to check & redoall my actions every time I update an image drive, which could take many manyhours.”

This is really frustrating as once again, I cannot trust anyof my many actions to behave properly, and will have to watch them each time Irun them for the first time, to make sure they are not rewriting steps to putimages in random places with random names...
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Posted 2 months ago

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It seems like related theard to yours:

Could you try to downgrade Photoshop to earlier version or even release to see whether last update didn't cause that behaviour?

Much better than Actions are scripts - they are much more safe, so once entered paths can be changed only by owner until its programmed diferently, surely not itself like that's in this case with actions.
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Could you post a copy of the action you're having trouble with? (post a URL to either CC files or dropbox for us to troubleshoot)
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Hi Jeffrey,

Sorry, thought I had responded to this before. Luckily most of my actions seem to generally work properly, except the occasional saved jpeg ending up in a random location.

Not sure how to downgrade, as I used Adobe CC to upgrade it. Can I download older versions? Also, I do not want to mess things up where I cannot use Photoshop at all. So will try to trouble shoot with this version. As far as scripting, I am not adept enough to make scripts from my actions... ;).

This action is part of my huge set I have created so it was not purchased. I can share it, but now I am not 100% which one of a few similar actions it was. If it happens again, I will isolate that action by copying it to a new set & uploading it.



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you can use the same CC app which updated Ps to also install older versions...
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You can install older Photoshop release without uninstalling current one, but if you want to downgrade to older version of same release you have to uninstall current release to install Photoshop with specific update to that release.