Photoshop: Can we please please PLEASE make the ruler units default to the document's units?

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Why doesn't the ruler match the units of the document by default?  If I define a document that is 8.5 by 11 inches, what good is a ruler that comes up in pixels?  I have to change it to inches.  Then I define a new document that's 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels and pull up the ruler, and guess what?  It's still in inches, which is, again, useless.  And I have to switch it back.

I know it currently defaults to whatever I used last time, which is fine so long as I never have to change units, which I do all the time.  How hard could it possible be to have the ruler default to the unit defined in the document?  If I define a document in inches, odds are I'll need a ruler that measures inches.  By all means let me change it later if I need to, for whatever reason, define a document in inches and then measure something in centimeters.  But the default should match the document.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Changing default behavior is... a sore spot for a lot of long time users... However, I agree that there should be something.

What about in the dropdown for ruler units it says "Same as Document..."? Or some similar.
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That's understandable.  See my other rant about the recent change to the scaling with/without the shift key.  :)  But in this situation, is there anyone who doesn't want the ruler units to match the document?

I'd be fine with an option in the dropdown so long as it stayed that way when I created a new document.  Or allow us to set it in the preferences somewhere.
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The most logical for me would be, if size of the document expressed in mm, the rules should be graduated in mm, if size of the document expressed in px, rule in px. A toggle switch to either follow this rule, or the size of the document is to express in any system and the rules in another system of measurements. That way everyone will be happy.

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Agree with Tom's suggestion.  Its pretty frustrating to go from document tab to document tab when units are different between them.  I have to globally change the ruler each time I work in either tab.  If there is a workaround for this, then I am unaware of it.


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This is a really simple but super useful idea. Would be good if it also affected all dialogs such as Image size/Canvas size commands. Totally gets my vote