photoshop brush diameter slider with fringe size protection option

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tracing round camera dslr raw file images in quickmask and editing is a common practice, and they have such fringes as 5pixel on focused subjects.

currently the brush diameter softness sliders fail to give the choice required, one of protecting a 5px fringe as one chooses different diameters.

each time one selects a different diameter, one has to adjust slider softness to retain fringe 5px.

This is by now with the evolution of photoshop very archaic and needs a second option.

maybe a simple tick box added saying retain fringe, so the edge given by the softness slider is protected, be it 5pixel or 7 etc. Whatever dia is chosen, its always with a 5px fringe, or 7 or whatever user selects.

yes 50px isnt possible on a 10px dia brush, it would simply say invalid.

I am wanting an option that indicates fringe and diameter, and its well within Adobe programmers ability to have it say 'not possible' should some dope think they can have 50px fringe on a 5px dia brush, or 7px on a 3D dia  !

So adjusting diameter and keeping fringe slider or a drop down box set to e.g  5px makes altering diameters  A HELL OF A LOT EASIER !

This is a real fundamental need when editing yet it doesnt exist, amidst a plethora of tools that many never will use.

To think that use of a wacom etc pen could see diameter vary and the 5px feather edge stay would be awesome, I use mouse, but can imagine the trouble with such a pen, one wouldnt dare press whatever it is one presses to go broader or finer, if the feathering also changed.

It is possible to have a 5px fringe on a 20px dia brush, (soft 64%)  the size I use on cr2 images, general trace, and 5px on 10px dia 20% soft.  7px dia and 0% soft has a 5px fringe. less than that and things start to look false, edge too hard when copied out to another photo.

By keeping a constant fringe, the edited out subject looks extremely convincing, others not following this principle will have tell tale signs of amateur editing show up. Photoshop is there to allow skilled work, so please can this option be added !


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