Lightroom: Phase One P65+ Raw files dark current NR not supported?

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Phase One P65+ files aren't fully supported. They'll open, but the quality is way below what it should be and nowhere near how the same file looks in Capture One.

I'd move to LR5/CS6 immediately if there were a fix. I purchased Capture One but just don't feel comfortable with the interface. What can be done?

Support at Phase One told me to ask Adobe, because according to them LR doesn't read the whole raw file but only a portion.

Any ideas?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Eric Chan (of Adobe) would probably be the one to comment on level of support for P65+.

That said and in the mean time, it might be worth trying to describe the quality shortcoming (and maybe post an example: one from C1, and one from Lr). I mean, Lr does not read all of your camera settings (but C1 probably does) so anything that depends on them will have to be made up for by editing in Lightroom.

I don't know what-all that would entail, since I'm not familiar with the P65+, but even Nikon & Canon renderings don't take into account intelligent contrast reduction settings, nor is any luminance noise reduction applied..., unlike in manufacturer software, so initial result is often inferior to the camera jpeg. But what counts is the final result ;-).

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The quality shortcomings are on 2 levels. Firstly, all files look like slightly pixlated when zoomed in 100%. Secondly, they also appear quite noisy, even at low ISO's.

An extreme example was doing a 10s exposure. LR doesn't take into account the 10s black frame that flollows the main exposure, thus discarding the noise reduction information. Here is a 100% crop where you can also see the quality of the rocks is quite insufficient. In Capture One the file is percect, both definition and noise are what you'd expect.
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Enrico, it would probably be best if I don't attempt to say more than I'm qualified to say. That said, some pixelization is normal, since Lr applies no luminance noise reduction by default. And I'm sure Lr is not taking into account the 10s black frame which followed (or at least I would be surprised if it did). Did you try cranking up the color noise reduction?, and giving it some luminance noise reduction too? If that and adjusting the other controls won't do it, then I'm at a loss - maybe we should wait to hear from Eric. If you want, you can post a raw file for someone else to take a stab at. Out of curiosity, did you compare to PV2010? PV2012 is known to be a bit noisier in the shadows, luminance-wise.

PS - What was the color noise reduction set at for this photo? The default of 25? I mean, generally Lightroom's color noise reduction is excellent, yet this doesn't look good at all color-noise-wise, maybe for the P65+ it needs to be cranked up some...
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ACR/Lr currently doesn't do long exposure noise reduction (for dark current). That's why you see the current artifacts for long exposures. Would you be willing to provide the raw file for study? I may be able to improve things going forward. if so, please send to (, dropbox, etc.)

ACR/Lr also doesn't have luminance noise reduction enabled by default (unlike Capture One) which would explain the differences you're seeing on regular exposure times at low ISO. I suggest turning on luminance NR for the regular case.

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I have the same problem with Phase One IQ280 raw files with long exposure.
Capture one produce much clean files after noise reduction and Lightroom CC 2015 produce unsatisfactory results, I have been using LR since version 1 and can not think to move to C1 but now after upgrading my digital back to the IQ280 I'm starting to think about it I wish you can do something to improve it, I have patience and I will be more then happy to send you the file for testing.

this is 2 minutes exposure + 2 minutes black clibiration

below is a picture of Capture one 8.3.3 VS Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 you can see the setting selected on each of the software, lightroom full noise reduction + color VS C1 the default noise reduction

C1 has a noise reduction slider for single pixel which seems to to the trick, I'm not sure if its using the dark frame for it or not. maybe this single pixel noise reduction can be added to lightroom.