Photoshop/Lightroom: Add pet green/blue eye reduction/removal tool

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When I take pictures of my pet, I don't want them to have green eyes.
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Tell Andrew we'll get right on that. :)
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Good Idea Andy!
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The simple way to implement this might be to sample the color at the clicked-on point when using the click-and-drag red-eye tool, and to treat that color, whatever it might be, like red is treated in the current tool. I know this would work since I've used WB and/or HSL to get that off-color to red, used the red-eye tool on it, and then reverted the WB and/or HSL controls back to original.
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That's a neat trick. I'm definitely going to try that!
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Yeah, why doesn't the red eye tool handle other colors?
Have you ever seen all the colors reflected from a rabbit's eyes?
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Yes, this is important for wildlife shooters!
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Yes! The retina of people reflect red - but the retina of animals could reflect white or other colors! Since many of us are nature photographers it is essential for the red eye tool in Photoshop and Camera Raw handle other colors of 'red' eye. I have had this issue since the beginning of time and it is now time to fix this. It seems like it would be easy enough to add to the tool.
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This tool would be extremely useful. Even the web based program Picnik offered this tool. I am pretty much a beginner and could benefit from this tool and it appears more advanced users would too.
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I find that most of the time I edit people - but there is a huge community who work with animals, witch tend to get yellow/green eyes instead of red. I would like to be able to have a eyedropper tool build into the RedEye tool to make it possible to pick the color I need to correct.

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Photoshop: Red Eye Tool should work with animal colors.
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Regarding Lightroom:
Lightroom has a powerful 'red eye removal' tool.
I'm desperately looking for a 'green eye removal' tool, because I often take fotos of our dog. The eyes of dogs reflect green light, not red light like humans.
Therefore if have to correct 80% of all fotos taken with flash light and a dog looking towards the camera.
This can only be done in Photoshop, because there is no fitting tool in lightroom.
The red eye removal tool cares - of course - only about red! colored eyes.
This means: Converting the DNG files to TIFF files, correcting the problem in PS, wasting space for the TIFF, having an unnecessary step in the workflow and having the corrected foto not in the DNG format.
If it would be possible to change the sensitifity of the existing red eye removal tool - if needed - to green, it would surely help many people to speed up the workflow for these fotos and stop wasting space for hugh TIFF Files.

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Green Eye removal tool desperately needed.
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Hello Rikk,
thank you very much for your advice! This is much more than I expected to achieve without an LR enhancement (which might take month to be realized, if ever!)
Your tip is very helpful. Thank you again.
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Speaking as someone who shoots a lot of pets, a tool to correct animal green eyes automatically would be greatly appreciated.