PENTAX lens profiles disappeared from lightrooms dropdown list... pls take care of that bug

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This is stepping on the nerves of so many LR+Pentax(Fuji, Hasselblad, Leica, Mamiya and Ricoh profiles also refuse to appear in that drop-down list!!!!!!!!!) users,
Adobe should really take care about lens profiles that disappear from that drop-down menu.Not so long ago, I was able to choose PENTAX-mount lenses from the lens correction dropdown list... Now, it seems PENTAX and a few others have gone from that list, while those profiles are still existent on disk in "C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0"
There are so many LensProfiles in that Directory... and actually, if those lens profiles are still under Adobes umbrella, why dont you make them show up in Lighroom, please?
Thank you so much in advance, about taking care of that problem.
I think that caring about this issue is nothing impossible.
I also wanted Adobe to note that, I dont know if the lens profiles also dont appear in other Adobe Products, because Lightroom is the app that i use the most from my Adobe Abo, but for avoiding such "banana skin" issues, I more often tend to use Affinity Photo then Photoshop. ...
And if it continues in that way and I feel, that I, as a non-popular brand user, get discouraged from using such "non-popular gear"(like PENTAX, Leica, etc.), by Adobes politics...
then I most certainly will quit my abonnement and go DxO+Affinity or Silkypix+Affinity.
Really, you cant expact people to stay if you do things like that...
I mean its already very disappointing that PENTAX tethering is not available for free in Lightroom...
(Especially since not only OpenSource Software can tether almost any PENTAX-camera no, Ricoh Imaging also seems to offer free SDKs and guides how to write code for tethering their cameras...) ...but be so kind and leave our lens-profiles in Lightroom. would you please?
Thanks in advance.
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  • taken for a ride... :/

Posted 10 months ago

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Are you sure you’ve selected a raw file? Most lens profiles are for raw files only. Maybe your camera was set to jpeg without you realising it. That happens for example when you get the sensor cleaned, and the lab changed the settings to quickly check the results.
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Weired, I don't hava any issues with my 300 mm and 100 mm Pentax lenses.
I wish there would be an option to automatically apply lens correction upon import, though 
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There is such an option. Select an image right after you imported it, so before making any edits. Check the lens correction (and chromatic aberration) box(es). Now press the 'Reset' button while holding the Alt-key. You'll get a dialog where one of the options is to update the camera defaults to the current settings. Click that button and from now on lens corrections will be applied automatically to every imported image. You have to do this for each camera if you use more than one camera.

Alternatively, you could save the lens correction setting in a develop preset and apply that preset on import.
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True, but it doesn’t work on mobile, though. I now import on mobile so I can have full res files on iPad for culling and quick edits.

And while applying a preset upon import works, I’m not sure LR automatically detects the lens correctly... to be tested though