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Now I have 4 books by different people and lots of mags but I still cannot find a way to stop this happening.

Let me explain: -

So there I am re-touching a photo. Lets say I am lightening something by 37%

Then the phone rings so I have to stop what I am doing let go of my pen and answer the phone.

So I deal with that get back to lightening my photo and this happens

When I pick up the brush again if I acidently go over the same spot I get double the lightening.

Now I have tried everything looked everywhere to find a way to limit it to only lightening by 37% or what ever percent. After all you can only lighten by 100% until you get to white. So why cant photoshop unlike so many apps be fixable to only lightening by x amount. Or maybe it is and I am just missing something so obvious that no books will tell me it because it is so simple.

I did think the airbrush tab at the top would do the trick but no in fact I still cannot see what that does at all as it seems to make no difference, ticked or un-ticked I have yet to find it has any effect at all.

So there you have it.

Maybe Photoshop unlike the £3 apps I am used to simply cannot do this simple trick or maybe an expert like yourself can kindly point out what I am too simple to get.

Best Regards

P.S. there were originally pictures to go with this text from photoshop but it wont let me paste them in here
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It's unclear exactly what you're doing that you're having an issue with.

But from your post, am I correct to interpret that you're simply painting white with the Brush Tool, using a soft brush set to 37%?

And you're doing something like painting a vignette around the edge of an image and you find it impossible to paint half of the vignette, then come back later and paint the other half, and the two halves not cause an undesired overlap so that the image is "lightened" MORE than 37% because the two halves are overlapping. Correct.

In this case, you simply need to paint your vignette on another layer at FULL 100% opacity, not 37%. You'd control the vignette layer's opacity with the Layer Panel. If directly painted as only 37% you lose control and the ability to make it whatever opacity level you want.

Or have I misinterpreted your post?