Organizer Places Tags Make Proper Tagging Impossible

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I'm working on moving about 9000 photos from my old Place tags to the new arbitrarily enforced, strict, geographic hierarchy Place tags in Elements Organizer 14 

I have been trying the following approach to create the new places tags (I'm working in the "Media" mode):

1) I first try adding the place with its common name, like "Disneyland."  This occasionally works.
2) If that doesn't work, I go to and search again.  This will usually give me an exact street address.
3) Then I try adding that street address as a Place Tag, which usually works.
4) Then I rename the Place Tag to the name of the place, because a street address usually is no help finding an attraction we visited.
5) I then drag and drop the new tag on the photos with the old tag.

When this works, it is something I can live with (though I still very strongly wish I had a choice between the old way and the new way).

Now here's the infuriating problem where it does not work (presented as an example).

My company's office is at "440 Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91006," and I often get lunch from a deli at "19 Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91006."  I have photos from both places, which are definitely *not* the same place.  I would like to add "440 Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91006" and rename it to "COG/NCCF," and I would like to add "19 Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91006" and rename it to "Claro's Italian Market."

However, when I add either address, they both just show up as "Huntington Drive" under "Places Tags/USA/California/Arcadia." For most locations, Organizer will let you add specific addresses.  But there are some addresses that will get converted to a general area.  I really, really, really super dislike that! [Replace the "really"s with the vulgar pejoratives of your choice.)  (I tried this in "Places" mode also.  I dragged and dropped photos onto my work location on the map and renamed the pin to "COG/NCCF".  Then I dragged and dropped photos of the deli onto the deli location on the map.  It created a separate pin, but it already had the name "COG/NCCF".  That is really, totally stupid!)

Adobe staff, if you're paying attention, why does it have to be like this?  Why am I not allowed to have separate "Place Tags" for my job and that deli?  They are not the same place.  How do I use Elements Organizer to tag them as separate places?  I do not want to have to create separate "Keyword" tags to disambiguate the different addresses that Elements Organizer forces in to one general area.

Other locations with the same problem:

• Petersen Automotive Museum; 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036; Last week it was adding as "Mid-Wilshire"; now it is adding as "Central LA."
• German Consulate General Los Angeles; 6222 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048; Last week it was adding as "Carthay Circle"; now it is adding as "Central LA."
• Los Angeles ORT College; 6435 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048; Last week it was adding as "Carthay Circle"; now it is adding as "Central LA."
(It seems to be getting worse.  Small general areas like "Mid-Wilshire" and "Carthay Circle" are melding into larger general areas like "Central LA."  Aarrgh!!)

If we had 100 people that had pictures from these three locations, and we asked them how they would like Elements Organizer to handle the location, which of the two options below do you think the majority would prefer????

(1) Allow users to create separate Place Tags with separate names for "Petersen Automotive Museum," "German Consulate General Los Angeles" and "Los Angeles ORT College," so the users can keep track where the photos were actually taken.
(2) Create vague location tags that force the user to group together unrelated photos, and make the user put in the extra work of A) creating parallel location tags so they can keep track of where they really were taken and B) have to keep track of which locations do and do not have these parallel disambiguation tags.

When Elements Organizer allowed users to create Place tags and sub-categories the way they saw fit, I had fun keeping my thousands (9000+) photos exquisitely tagged.  But now with Elements Organizer ruling as a capricious, fickle, disinterested, absolute dictator over my location tagging, every attempt to get my photos accurately tagged ends up being an aggravating, frustrating, depressing, futile task.  Now I am falling behind in my tagging (about 2 years).  If I fall too far behind, I'll never catch up.  I want my photos accurately and completely tagged so I can quickly and easily find the ones I want.  If there are some that are not tagged, then using Elements Organizer to find photos will not find all the photos I am looking for.  If it cannot find all the photos I am looking for, then why use it at all?  If I cannot find the photos I am looking for, is there any point in taking them in the first place?  The way the new Places tags have messed up Element Organizer has sucked all the fun out of taking pictures.  I have a new camera, and I am hesitant to take pictures because of this.  I am very angry at Adobe for that.  I started out back in 2003 as an Adobe Photoshop Album customer.  I only buy Adobe Photoshop Elements for the Organizer.  I hardly ever edit photos.  By making Elements Organizer effectively useless, Adobe is excluding me as a future upgrade customer.  Adobe, please fix Organizer to be something that makes me want to buy upgrades; something that makes me want to start taking pictures again. )-; 

I see that there are dozens of posts, and hundreds of replies, from users that are dissatisfied with the new strict, geographically based Place tagging.  Remember to multiply that by all the people that are still bothered but don't post.

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I share your frustration. So much so that I refuse to use PSE's places tags. I have converted all my places tags to regular keyword tags. This way I am totally free to use my own place names.

Adobe are systematically destroying PSE's tags by attempting to use half-assed automation. I refuse to use this stuff, tagging things manually takes more time, but is much more satisfactory.

I have over 50k pictures in my catalog, so the last thing I want PSE to do is to apply it's own tags and screw everything up.


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I totally agree. The same thing happened to me. It makes me reluctant to upgrade. What else can they mess up?
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See today's discussion in the Elements user to user forum:

You can still use the old personal Places hierarchy instead of/together with the new Google Maps hierarchy. I discovered the trick of renaming the hierarchy before upgrading because I had translated it into French...
Not a new feature (PSE11).
If you choose to use both systems, you might simply use the old tagging way when necessary. In recent PSE version, the text search will easily find your files whichever kind of tag you are using.