ELEMENTS 10 Organiser issue after hard disk clone

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I've been using elements 10 for a while and has recently been locking up for periods of time, I've tried repairing the catalog and all the business with no real fix.

The first thing I wanted to do is overcome was space limitation I had so bought a new hybrid disk, and cloned the partitions over. This all looks well but found a BIG problem.

I left my old disk connected , and on boot could still see the partitions with different drive letters, thats normal and what I expected.

I removed the old disk for the time being, now booting up with the new one, I decided to backup my catalog, intending to reinstall PSE10 and restore the catalog. Hoping that this will fic my locking up problem.

However my missing file has gone upto in excess of 36,000. Looking at the patch of these files it appears the catalog hasn't kept the path too D:\My Documents\My Pitctures but instead points too I:\My Documents\My Pitctures the drive letter assigned to the original disk when booting up with it connected as a slave drive.

Thats part one of my problem!

So I reconnect the secondary drive and yay it's says they are all connected again.

WTF and why did it not retain the drive mapping, I've read it could be disk volume serial numbers, if thats the case why would you do that ???

So anyway I've got the old drive back on and want to backup that catalog and restore it under a fresh instal of elements 10 again on the new drive.

This is where my second problem arises. "Calculating Media Size" sits on 47%, so dont appear to be able to go throough the motions here either.

I've never used the PSE back up function as I've been syncing all my data to an external NAS which has mirrored disks, this has been my backup policy and was doen this way so I could use the built in media exender of the NAS to share images.

So second question, how do I resolve this locking up at 47%?

I'm resigned to the fact I'm going to likely have to start again with all my media being re-catalogued and loosing all my tag information unless I can get these bugs sorted.
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To understand why cloning a drive can fool the organizer, you must keep in mind that the database in the catalog keeps tracks of a volume identification not only with the drive letter, but with the internal serial number of the drive. When you clone, you reassign the same serial number; if you keep the original drive at the same time, the organizer is totally fooled.
The reason of that choice is that when you are using external drives, you are not sure that the same drive letter will be assigned in another computer. Having both kinds of identification generally solves most of the problems, but not all.

If you want to be smarter than the default backup procedure of the organizer, you have to take care not to fool the organizer. The backup of your catalog (the catalog folder) must find your restored media files in the same path in the same volume (identified by letter and serial, or at least by serial).

The second problem you have with the standard backup procedure freezing is totally unrelated, but it's a well known problem; most of the time it's due to a 'problem' media file, especially a video format. The first thing to try would be to duplicate your catalog file and delete video files to see if that's the case.

My suggestion : have a look at the above link and come back...
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Thank you for your reply, the volumeid was indeed the first part of the issue and editing this on the new drive...appears ;) to look as it should.

As for the second part of my problem, the backup, im looking at this today.

I was looking at perhaps placing all my videos into a seperate Catalog, I've shortlisted my Videos and discovered neither the Move or Export functions seems to work in PSE10 so instead right-click Copy and Paste into the new location, I'll then delete them from the existing catalog, files included.

Hopefully this will allow me to get the backup done and get around to the reinstall.