Photoshop Elements 8: Options for sorting images in Organiser

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Why does the organizer only allow ordering of images, either selected, or unselected, by date modified? When I modify old images, they are disconnected from their originals, which is extremely annoying. Please provide options to sort images by date taken and by image name or image filename as a minimum.

On the praise front, I find little to recommend in Photoshop. For basic image correction, the editor is appalling compared to Paintshop even though Corel have done their best to wreck the product they bought from Jasc.

The Elements 8 editor does not use MS graphics drivers and is therefore almost unusable with large HDMI monitors. When I contacted you about this problem, your response was "We don't support resolutions above 1024x768 pixels."

Both editor and organiser have very strange printer interfaces which make it very difficult to print anything on my HP Photosmart 8450 printer. In fact, if the printer driver did ot have a preview option, I would have wasted hundreds of pounds on ink and paper.

The only really useful option you have provided is that I can select an image in the organiser and edit it in and print it from Paintshop, thanks. for that

Perhaps my problems with your software are fixed in later versions, but I have a real problem with paying for bug fixes, on the off chance they might help. Most software providers provide bug fixes routinely. Even Microsoft now do this. Apparently you have such a stranglehold on your market, that you make us buy them.

Having eventually bought Photoshop Elements 8, after being told by friends and the photo press that it was the "Bee's Knees", I have to say Jasc Paintshop Pro version 9 was a far better product with many tools for simple image correction that are just not available in Photoshop Elements 8.

You don't include the emoticon for "livid" so, readers please imagine it. :-)
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To list images by name, go to the Display button in the upper right. Choose Folder Location view.

Simply editing an image should not cause it to become disconnected in the Organizer. Disconnection happens whenever a file has been renamed, moved, or deleted. One of these actions must be happening in connection with your editing, or maybe just a coincidence with the fact that the file is also edited.

I'm afraid you have a misquote. The minimum system requirements are a display resolution of 1024x576. So, in truth, we do not support resolutions smaller than 1024x768 (approximating value). Larger works just fine. Personally, I use 1440x900 without issue.

I'm not sure what you mean by using an MS Graphic Driver. Drivers are programs that control the hardware connected to your computer (driving them). They are not used by applications in the way you imply. The applications on your computer use whatever graphics drivers you have installed, they have no other choice.

HDMI is a type of cable to connect your monitor. It supports a number of screen resolutions and even audio. This would be compared to DVI, Coaxial cable, or S-Video. A monitor itself is not HDMI, but would support an HDMI connection.

Whether or not the printer has a preview option is up to the printer driver. The Editor and Organizer have their own separate Print Preview. Please contact HP about their printer driver lacking an additional Print Preview option.

Elements Organizer allows for the sending of image files to any third-party application, including Paintshop.

Could you list any bugs you would like fixed. So far you haven't listed any, but we can only get them fixed if they are first pointed out.

Could you list some of the tools that Paintshop Pro has the Photoshop Elements does not? Perhaps they are there already, or could be added to a future version.

The GetSatisfaction site (who host these forums) have allowed you to type in any emotion you care to share. There are only four faces, but you can type what you like. (See my own emoticon).
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How do you list images by name in Photoshop Elements 11? I don't want to invent dates for the scanned old images, just to overcome a missing feature.
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Your comment is a year old and does not address the issue of sorting by file name in Photoshop Elements Organizer 11. Sorting by oldest or newest is awful when you are trying to find a photo but do not remember when it was taken. This was a great mistake and or omission.

I have come up with an awkward work around solution. Fortunately, when I updated to Photoshop Elements 11 I did not uninstall Photoshop Elements 10. So, I use Optimizer 10 now and do not use Optimizer 11.

I do like the improvements Adobe made to Elements 11 Editor, but as a result of their arbitrary decision not to allow users the option of sorting by file name, they have forced me to make the decision to not purchase any more of my yearly updates of Photoshop Elements. I too will find another program....there are others who listen to their users complaints and suggestions.
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That is right Pete, this post and my answer are a year old and deal with Photoshop Elements 8. Please create a new topic to report this on PSE11.
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Organizer ist nicht in der Lage nach Dateiname zu sortieren. Kann das Programm nicht gebrauchen oder weiterempfehlen. Adobe schämt sich nicht sowas anzubieten..
Picasa zeigt wie es geht. Werde ein anderes Programm kaufen.

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Google Translate:

Organizer is not able to sort by file name. The program can not use or recommend. Adobe is not ashamed to offer something .. Picasa shows you how. Will buy another program.
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I would like to see the ability to sort pictures in the organizer by JPG number as an option rather than just by time. I often have more than one shooter taking pictures a the same time.

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Elements: Ability to sort by Number.
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This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: PSE11: Organize by filename