Photoshop: Option to disable the preview in "Save for Web"

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I work intensive on websites and other digital media (such as apps) and use slices and "save for web" all the time.

When I have a big file with many slices on it and only want to save one or two, photoshop creates a preview of the whole file. This takes a some time. I often don ́t need this optimization feature, because every slice has set the correct file preset already.

For example I see that a color or gradient has to be changed on the page. I make some slightly color change at one slice (on a big image file with many slices) and start "save for web". It makes a big preview and I have to wait before I can save.
One "trick" I use is to crop my image to a small size with the needed slices, save for web and the undo. But when I forget to undo and save.....its big sh** ;-)

● So I only want, that there is in the save for web & devices dialog a checkbox "create preview".

● Also it would be a solution to simply save the last state of the tabs in the preview area. So when I switch to "Original" it remembers next time and only start to create a preview when I change to "Preview" or "2-Up" etc.

● A smarter additional feature would be (for me and the growing mass of people working only digital) to have a faster method to save only one slice without start a (oldschool) dialog for that. For example a small save-icon (a disk!?) in the corner of every slice. Like now with the number. The type of image preset could be adjusted in the slices options panel.

Hope to get some feedback.
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  • hopful to get some feedback

Posted 6 years ago

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Rangel R Morais

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4 years and nothing. Adobe doesn't care. Sad.
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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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Hi Rangel, we do care but we can't implement every single idea. Have you tried Generator? It will generate assets automatically, in the background without taking the time to generate a preview.
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This isn't something to be looked over, it add's 10 minutes to multiple hours for large images to even preview in the save for web menu, and it affects EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER AND EDITOR that uses Ps, god help us if we choose to export a different size jpeg or change the file format after opening the menu, it's twice as long! adding a disable button to something no one had ever asked for shouldn't be to hard, guess you'd rater people buy other software from other company's, you just lost my business due to these slow speeds and lack of help! <removed expletive - admin. Please don't swear ton this site>
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It's crazy i click "Save for Web" on bigger file and wait 6 minutes becaue Photoshop is making preview. I don't need this preview. I just want to save and go forward. I think I loose this way one hour every month. 
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Adam Penn

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In the time it would take us to read the developer's comments and the article he took, I will have saved one image using the Save for Web function. Thanks, Jeffrey. 
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Mike Anthony

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Longtime user,  been awaiting a disable preview on Save for Web for many years, but no option ava. Such a simple thing to fix, and so important to every user, not sure how a company like Ps can overlook something like this. Guess they are just trying to find a way to make us pay for the option to become available to users. all about the money! shame!
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Bullet Europe

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I ALSO NEED EXACTLY THE SAME FEATURE, it is reallyyyyyyyy unblievable that we cannot disable preview in Save for Web....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please helpppppppppppppppppppp usssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: cancel preview in Save For Web.

when exporting a large image the preview progress bar can take a long time, before you can change the pixel values etc...

if you could click a button to cancel the preview then adjust the settings it would make it better for the use of large files in export.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Option to disable preview in the "Save for Web" window, please.

The Preview in the "Save for Web" takes so much time to load, especially when I want to export higher resolution pics. It would be a HUGE time saver if you can include an option to Disable the Preview! PLEASE !!!!!!!
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why are you using SFW to export hi-res images?
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The problem I find is that even if you want a final low-res output, if your current image is high resolution (i.e. you plan on reducing resolution in the SFW panel as opposed to resize, then SFW, then undo),  it will load and immediately tries to preview render some huge PNG which locks up your computer for ~30-60 seconds.
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Dan Viator

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Please, Adobe, this needs to be implemented. Put less focus on telling users how to use software and more focus on adapting the software to how users are using it. We don't need a new separate program (Adobe Generator) to export assets, let us use the functionality already built-in to Photoshop but kill the CPU/GPU-hogging previews.
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marco c.

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I am using SFW to export hi-res images because that's the only way to save the images in PNG24. The preview is painstakingly long...

Please implement this 6-year-old feature request!
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Marcos V Petri

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My workaround is to create an action that will save for the web with the settings I want and close the image. I just press the play action button and it will save without the preview. This works good if I have many photos that I want to export with maximum (or any other quality) settings. But if I need to change folder o anything, then I'll have to do it manually again. 
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Please implement this feature request.  It is killing me waiting minutes for the unwanted and unneeded preview to buffer
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Kaz Vorpal

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I want to express my own support for this feature.

I know Adobe is trying to force us to use Export instead of Save for Web, but as far as I can tell, you can't save most of the meta data (description, keywords, title) in a jpg through Export. 

So I keep using Save for Web, which actually saves the meta data I need.

Any of you guys who haven't used Export instead of Save for Web should see if that suits your needs. Export As lets you continue to do things even while the stupid preview is generated, instead of freezing up like SFW does.  

Marco: Export As DOES support PNG 24, though they don't actually communicate that to you. It defaults to 24 bits, you have to check a box to make it 8 bit.
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marco c.

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Thanks for the help. I'm running CS6 which doesn't have Export As. Save As gives me PNG32 and Save for Web has the PNG24/PNG8 options.
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santosh shaw

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I have sent a psb file to my client and he wont be able to open the file ..
its a large file ,in save as format their i can see only 3 formats psb ,raw and tiff ..these 3 formats cant solve my promblem and other fomats are not visible...NEED HELP