Photoshop: Option to toggle/disable the marching ants animation on selectionsn to solid 1px line

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I wish for an option to toggle/disable the marching ants animation on selections when using the lasso tool to draw selection shapes.
Actually on all selection tools not just the lasso.

Reason is the marching ants makes its very hard to see a correct representation of the selection shape.

In my 15 years of photoshop use the marching ants have not made much sense to me ever. I mean 50% of the shape is gone and the gone part is moving around in a circle.

The full 1 pixel grey line that is visible during the drawing of the shape is absolutely great and there should be an option to keep it that 1px solid way after stylus/mouse release.

Im sure there is an explanation for the ant march and that there are situations this makes sense. Maybe in photography work to see the photo better, i don’t know.
Maybe its a way to distinguish it as a selection, but for the price of precise representation this would be an expensive trade off.

In my case I use the lasso to draw solid shapes freehand/organic way. I use this in drawing art. In this case a clear representation of the shape before further action is important.

Add an option to switch to solid 1px line instead of marching ants please.

I'am a bit surprised i haven't found others requesting this.

.... just to be clear. Im not asking to hide the selection with cmd/ctrl h.
i just want a solid line representing the shape ive drawn before i decide to modify it, add to it, fill it or delete its contents.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Maybe create an action?
- Selection
- new layer
- Edit > Stroke
- Hide Ctrl/Cmd H
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Thanks Michel but Its not what i'm looking for.

Im designing the shapes with the lasso tool every second. Like clay. Adding to it and removing from it. The same way as you would draw with the pencil tool (not pen tool) in illustrator.

So drawing with the lasso tool really then filling it when im done with the shape.

What you describe you still need to draw the shape with the marching ants first.
So the problem persists.

I need to see the shape of the selection as accurate as possible constantly while drawing.

Just as you do when building a shape with the path tools. The path tools dont have marching ants on them they are a solid 1 px line representation.

And no the path tools in photoshop dont work for what i need either. But thats another can of worms.

Just need the marching ants to be toggleable

Thanks anyway
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Have you tried quick mask? It's the most effective way to see the accuracy of a selection. Hit the Q key to toggle it on and off while a selection is present.
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thanks jeffrey for your input.
please understand my original post.

im not looking for alternative solution to CREATE selections.
im very well aware of q quick mask. its not what im looking for.

im using the lasso tool to draw shapes with.
the lasso tool is what i want to use and i adress the way selections are REPRESENTED after creation in photoshop.... by the marching ants animation.

the marching ants are not a good representation of the selection. it distorts the perception of the shape that has been drawn.

im wishing for an option to toggle it off and have a solid 1px line.

again, im not asking for alternative solutions.

ive attached an image here to make things more clear
1 is while drawing the shape is represented by a solid 1px line
2 on relese of my stylus the selection turns into marching ants, a bad representation of a shape in my opiionon as 50% of it is white 50% is black and moving around. bad
3 the end result after fill

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additional info. some might wonder why this is an issue.

because after the initial selection shape creation, im using the alt key to either subtract from the selection shape or shift to add to the selection shape.
so im always modifying the shapes after i draw them initially.
this is a very quick process just like sketching.

reason why im using the lasso tool is because upon fill it gives the most crisp edges and this is what i want.
brushes on the highest hardness dont give a crisp enough edge. again im not asking for an alterantive way to the lasso.

simply the marching ants are in the way of seeing what a selection shape actually looks like. its an unprecise representation.

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I agree and would also like to see this feature added, the dancing ants are difficult to work with in certain situations.
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My selection tool seems to have been set to the feature you are wanting, but I don't know how to go back to the marching ants. To show a selected area, I am now seeing a small thin line instead of marching ants. How do I toggle this on or off?