Open Begging to Jeff Tranberry and Simon Chen

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Will Anyone at Adobe Ever break the Cone of Silence? Many of us have been begging for help and begging to help find and address the serious performance issues we are experiencing.

Simon, you keep telling us "the team are working on it" and I believe you. I am just not sure what "it" is that they are working on. Clearly it has not been the performance issue. I am waiting more than one year and perhaps everyone on the "team" were too busy inventing the new cloud based product to spend any effort on the existing performance issues. Seems to me that has been quite unfair considering I pay every month for software with a major issue you have essentially ignored for more than 12 months.

Jeff, you have remained totally silent on the issue. Please tell us to go away, tell us how to fix it, tell us when we can expect some help, but please tell us something!

Both of you saw the issue while connected to my PC over one year ago and still no help and no discussion. At the PC Expo in NYC last week, I spoke to someone from Adobe that seemed quite happy when I said that I was being forced to go to Capture One and he said good if that solves my issue. Well, besides that not being a great answer, I may need to do just that. Perhaps, if those of us with this major issue went away, Adobe would be much closer to cancelling the desktop version in lieu of the new cloud based scenario that none of us could use anyway due to the lack of features and sheer volume of photos we process daily or weekly.

Many of us with strong IT backgrounds have offered to help run test products to determine the source of the issue with no response from Adobe. We have posted information trying to show how LR runs so poorly on our systems while other products seem to race along without any slowdown at all. Some of us have been forced to go back to the prior 2015.12 version so we can get our work done albeit with a restart of LR after every 30 or so images.

I am quite sure none of us want to leave Adobe and none of us want to use other products but we need your help. So, here I am begging openly for some kind of help in solving this issue.

Most of us with the problem are using high-end PC's. I have Windows 10 on a PC with a 3.3Ghz 12-core processor, 64Mb 2400 speed RAM, NVidia GTX Titan Graphics with 12Gb Dedicated VRam, SSD drives and I can tell you that everything on my PC is lightning fast (Including Capture One and ON1 RAW 2018) except for Lightroom. 

Some of us (including me) teach comprehensive classes in both Lightroom and Photoshop and get from 30-100 students per year to enroll in the Lightroom CC (now Classic) system. Please help me continue supporting Adobe and referring students to the cloud based systems.

I am aware that my CC monthly payment means nothing to Adobe and if I went away the company would never miss it. I am aware that I am a thorn in your side for constantly complaining about performance. I am aware that the company line is that Lightroom Classic is much faster than previous versions. Well, I have yet to talk to any of my colleagues, friends, students, or anyone for that matter that thinks the new program is faster. In fact, even several of my students using MAC OS feel that Classic is slower than the prior version. Okay, I am sure some see an improvement in performance but I am not sure who they are. No matter, every day I read forum comments from many of you longest loyal customers begging for help to solve the performance issue.

So, Adobe, Jeff, Simon: I and others stand before you begging for some relief. Our businesses are suffering as we cannot process our work. Our lives are being adversely affected as we have no time left after spending three or four times as long as before working on our daily shoot images.

Please do not force us to move away from Adobe. Many of us have been loyal supporters for dozens of years. Your company was built on our continued loyalty, software purchases, and upgrades. We really want to stay loyal. We really want to continue to recommend Adobe products to our colleagues, friends, and students. We want Adobe to continue to be the leading force in the imaging business. To do all of this, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Please, please, please help us. Let us help you. We will do anything you ask of us (within reason and our busy schedules) to identify and correct this issue. I am sure you have read some of my comments on other forum threads and the times I report are real!

Many of us await your reply!!!!    PLEASE HELP US!    PLEASE TALK TO US
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm in total agreement with Joel, having started with Photoshop 23 years ago and Lightroom since its inception.
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I also agree completely! I have been a long term (since before Adobe- Pixel Magic), LR user. I was a beta tester before that for LR4, 5 and I am an ACE for LR and PS6. Some how beta testing went away  after Amberly Kingsford had her baby. I knew we were in trouble when 'face recognition' was added and it has only gotten worse.
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I also agree. I too am an instructor of LR and PS, products I have believed in. It is getting increasingly difficult to recommend buggy products. Stop adding new wiz bang features and fix core functionality.
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I'm out Wednesday and Thursday for a medical thing. I can line something up on Friday or Monday to revisit your issue.
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I understand, no problem. As for this being my issue, if you check the forums, it is far from MY issue. Every day, more and more users are commenting on the performance issue. WE look forward to hearing how we can move forward to a rapid solution.
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I have to admit that there have been some pretty bad bugs that have taken a looooong time to resolve. Like images not spanning two monitors (images spanning two monitors turn black). That took 9 months to resolve. Indeed, there have been some real show stoppers, and some that have lingered for years now, like preview icons on the MAC, and endless finger pointing between Apple and Adobe. At least the bugs I'm seeing now are limited to 2018 and I can work around them running 2017 and 2018 side by side, or waiting to upgrade LR. 

New release bugs have always been there, but it seems to be endemic of SW lately with a move to the cloud. Quickbooks is horrible. I gave up on Microsoft completely. Apple is pretty bad. Adobe sometimes as well. And my RIP software. Oh God. Some days I want to shoot the computer.

But it's increasingly complicated with millions of lines of code, and it's something we use every day, so even a small thing is like a pebble in your shoe. I think that's the thing - when you're the one that hits a bug, you get to live with it all day long, whereas a tester might only hit that bug occasionally.