Lightroom: Number of images in 'all synced' in Classic / CC not matching total in Mobile

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I would expect the number of images in the 'all synced photographs' collection in Lightroom Classic to be the total images that are synced in creative cloud, and therefor the same number of images that I'd see in CC, web, and Mobile.  Right now (not sure if this is to do with the 9.3 update or if it was going on before that - I think this was pre-June update) the count of synced images is about 5,000 higher showing up on Lightroom Mobile (iOS / iPadOS).

  • In Classic, it says everything is synced properly - no errors, up to date - and the count in the All Synced Photographs under Catalog shows 3414
  • On Lightroom Desktop under 'All Photos' - 3486
  • On Lightroom Web under 'All Photos' - 3486
  • On Lightroom Mobile iOS under 'All Photos' - 8149
I recently deleted about 2000 images using the trick to find all synced images that aren't in collections, to try to delete files from 'All Photos' that aren't in collections that I've synced (Adobe please please please make this work as expected, or give us an option to have only images in collections in mobile and not stay there after they've been unsynced).

This selected about 2200 of the 5500 in 'All Synced Photographs' which I set to remove from synced photos.  This removed the 2200 from the count for all other platforms, Web, Desktop, and Mobile, but mobile is now at 8149 (it was at 10.5k). 

So the pool of images between the 4 platforms for my account is connected, but somehow I have a spare 5k images sitting there.  I'm not sure what's going on :(

Another thing that may or may not be related, but the count of 'deleted images' on mobile/web/desktop don't match either (but they're closer at least).

  • Web deleted image count: 120,487
  • Mobile deleted image count: 105,498
  • Desktop deleted image count: 110,175
Again I'd expect all the image counts in the cloud based apps to match up as I'd assume they're all pointed to the same pool of sync data.
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Posted 3 weeks ago

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If these dern computers and programs made any sense, then I wouldn't have anything to do!
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Generally speaking, I'd defer to the LRWeb total, as that's a direct line into your cloud catalog, whereas Desktop and Mobile have local catalogs which might occasionally muddy the waters. The fact that Web and Desktop totals are the same is a probably a good indication that 3486 is the correct figure. Classic's difference might be explained by video files, as videos imported into any of the cloud client apps will sync down into Classic, but then in Classic they are subsequently excluded from the All Synced Photographs total.
The Mobile figure is so far out I'd be thinking the local cache is messed up (it sounds as though you've been doing a lot of rationalisation to get Deleted items count into 6 figures, which might have caused some internal confusion). I'd be thinking about deleting the Lr Mobile app (which will wipe the local cache completely) then re-installing it. Doing that "should" fix the totals count there, if not then there's a more fundamental problem which you'll need Adobe to investigate.
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Hi Alan,
Mismatch of count in classic might be because of the video files. In classic, video files are not counted under All Synced Photographs. Please re verify once for the video files that are present in Classic. 
Thank you