Now, Photoshop scales proportional by default.. yay. But Adobe still forgot the link icon in the top bar. #adobe #sad

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Yes, people tend to scale proportional than warping the image. I'm glad Adobe finally got that - at least some of it. Even if you want to scale just one side you actively choose to scale this side by grabbing it! Duh'...

Same goes for the numeric scale option in the top bar. Adobe, it's the same thing! Activate the proportional link icon by default! What's wrong with you??? It's one click more every single effin time!

By the way, the unit in this input should always represent the one chosen in the ruler or info palette. You can still change it of course but the default should orientate itself on the global option!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Before I hold down the shift key for proportional scaling. With the new update, the functions are reversed: To only scale one side, just press the shift key.
I just do not understand how to scale centrally.


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Hold the Alt/Option keay while dragging.
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Thank you

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Hi there John and Mauricio,   

You can scale size or proportionately.  The scaling sizes at the toolbar is for Free Transform, Skewing, Distort and Perspective.  These are effects which pro's use in graphics, and they don't use them for resizing, either proportionately or one sided.  For sizing proportionately, you can use the sizing, either proportionately or one sided by clicking Image>Resize.   

Nearly all the pro's want the opposite of what you want.  We like those effects as they are not meant for resizing even if played together.  I understand you want one icon to click for a proportionate resizing.   But you can go to Image>Resize to get what you want.    

For the rest of us, most pro's want the effects of Free Transform, Skewing, Distort and Perspective to scale one side or the other, for websites, etc.  If we want to resize proportionately, we can use Image>Resize or we can use the move tool which will place handles to resize, or we can use the crop tools to resize, or we can use the marque tools to do the same thing that the crop tool does.   You get to get to know this program more.   Most pro's know it very well.   Things you want is not what others want. 

Adobe made the software for thinkers to find how to work the way we can use the software to get what we want.  We don't care about convenience when we can use the software for graphics which is what it was intended for.  To have an icon placed for proportionate is a double-whammy when it's in other places too.   So maybe it works for you.  But sizing proportionately or having the choice to scale one side, is another's choice.  Don't take that away from pro's who want to scale only one side. 

As an engineer, I know that having a convenient icon just for you, can take several lines of programming.   BTW the icon you show is a link to link both of those sizes but it's already located inside the software.  Again, get to know your software.   And BTW, this has been this way since the beginning, not just with 2019 version, and the majority of us have gotten along with it very well.   
I haven't found one pro who wants to hold keys while typing.   We use the alt key for certain tools, and the shift key for other tools.  But we already have the proportionate sizing numbers with 4 other tools which doesn't need a key pressed while doing it. 

We may be old hats at this, as I've had almost every version of Adobe PSE and Photoshop and Light Room and Illustrator since 1992.   Those who know it very well and get along with it are known as pros.   

Steve Lehman, Windows mcse   

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You mean even when you click the Maintain Aspect Ratio icon in the tool options bar to OFF it's still stuck on Maintain Aspect Ratio?
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Are you asking me or Erik?   (I'm looking both ways and around)   

Right.   I think Erik is showing that he wants the Image>Transform (effects) on the toolbar to work proportionately together with one link icon, and he is showing a similar icon like in Internet Browsers which link sites together, or pins attachments.   

BUT at that location, where there are Image>Transform - Right next to that should be a box to check or uncheck, marked: "Restrain Proportions" which does the same thing he illustrates. 

the same thing can be done with several other tools, but the resize module also has (Image>Resize) the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" checkmark, at that location.   

So this can be done in several places, and several ways, depending how you want it.   


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