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Node Layers:

I have a digital painting, or huge colorway filled file. The client wants to change some lighting (built by a lot of curves) to, say, something warmer. Now I have to change these each individually. Or reselect everything into yet another layer (which is still not really what I want).

SO: I want the ability to change an Adjustment Layer into an "Adjustment Node Layer", to use Adjustment Layers like nodes (like in 3D node renders). I would get a 4th panel ("Node Master Layers), and my adjustment layer would now have an input button (converting it into an Node Adjustment Layer.

In my Node Master Layer I'd get a Node Master Curve (or Saturation, or Level, etc.). In this case, it'd be 4 separate layer curves (or 5 if your in CMYK): an RGB curve, an Red curve, a Green curve, and a Blue curve. I could adjust any of these. This new information would be sent to any Node Adjustment Layer that accepted this Master for input.

On my new Adjustment Node Layer, if I click the input button, it'd let me choose which of my Master Curve Nodes I want. Say, I want the Red one. This would override only the Red channel of my Curve Adjustment Node Layer. Everything else this layer does would remain the same, except the Red input, which it would discard in favor of the new input from the Node Master Layer.

How is this possibly useful?

If I have 15 curve adjustment layers in my document (if you don't have that many try harder), and the client wants to see what the image would like with warmer highlights, I can now 1. Convert some or all of my Curve Adjustment Layers into Curve Node Layers (hopefully with a hand dialogue box). 2. input my Node Master Curve Layers. 3. And alter the 4 possible curves on all 15 Curves at the same time in under a minute. If I don't like it, I can toggle the input off (on some or all of them) and it goes back to just using the original Curve Adjustment Layer information. I could toggle back and forth if I liked.

Layers are the best way to organize renders, no doubt. They make sense to our mind. Nodes are the way computers "think". This way we could get the best of both world.

Each Master Node Adjustment Layer would breakdown it's adjustment manipulations into it's components. The output from these components would override only those appropriate Node Adjustment Layer, and only the parts that are activated. It'd give us control over dozens of adjustment layers at a time, and save us hours on a project.

Wadaya say!
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