Lightroom Desktop: No ''Save to'' option?

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I am a new user of the lightroom. ı when I wanted to save the picture in a file in my pc, I used to tick on FILE and then tick on '' SAVE TO''. but now I can not do that because there is NO SAVE option.   Where did my Save to option disappeared??
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Posted 2 months ago

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It is now called ‘Export’ and offers many more options.
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probably yes but it does not help me.  I want to save my pictures I create in a file that I would like to create my self.  I will appreciate it very much if you could help me with that.  The LR tutorial has the old system too.
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You can still do all that, and now also much more if you want. Don't get hung up on the wording, "Save To" has been renamed as "Export", but in addition to the change of name additional options have been implemented for the many users that have been requesting them for a few years. However, you don't have to use those additional options if you don't want to. Simply click on the Share icon (top right of the Lightroom window) and you'll now see this drop-down menu:

You can access all the new options by clicking on the very top "Export" menu item, but if you want a simple one-click export/save you can use any of the 3 options below.
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Hello I too had the same issue when I first started with LR. But as Johan says it s Export.  That will create a file with the changed you made. your original picture is still left untouched.

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Thanks for the information but I was able to create a file on my desktop and save them under that file because there was a Save To option. now that option does not exist. I do not know if I have changed the  LR version and did not notice.  On the opening page I used to see a woman,  now I see a dog.
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Lightroom has never had a “Save To” Or ”Save As” option The process is the same but instead of “Save To”, it is named ”Export”.. Because of the non destructive nature of Lightroom, There has never been as”Save” since this would overwrite and ruin the original with changes. Editing adjustments are instructions and are automatically saveD in the database files as instructions to be applied to the original when ever LR is opened. 
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Cletus, I agree that Lightroom Classic has never had a "Save to" option, but Lightroom Desktop most certainly did, which has just been replaced in version 3 with the "Export" wording. And as the thread title referred to Lightroom Desktop, and this forum is dedicated to Lightroom Desktop issues, I think it quite likely that the OP really is talking about Lightroom Desktop. Which is why both Johan and myself provided the answers that we did.
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I usually export photos that need to go to social media as the small jpg and then I also export the full size Jpg for printing.  I also started exporting the original + settings.  Not all 3 types for all photos but for sure one of the jpg's and the original + settings so I can delete from LR.  Helps keep the size down needed for LR.
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Been using LR (now called Classic) since version 1 and do not recall ever seeing a "Save To" option for images.   Maybe my memory is faulty, but as far as I recall, the menu has always said Export.     

Export is exactly what you want.  Don't get hung up on the word.  It saves a copy of one or more images from Lightroom Classic into a folder of your choosing, in a file type of your choosing, with sizing parameter of your choosing on your computer system.  Is that not what you are trying to do?

You also reference a tutorial.  Can you please provide a link to that tutorial and where in the tutorial you see that information.  So we can see what you are talking about.
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If the splash screen is a picture of a dog you are opening the mobile/web based version now called Lightroom. Check to make sure you are opening Lightroom Classic and you will see the program you are used to.