No pictures in PSCS 5.1 browser window. 32 v/s 64 bit bug?

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Bug? I noticed an issue with PS CS5.1 not showing pictures from the Mac photo album in the browser window when searching for a picture to use in the software. I actually responded to a question about it that someone had in an article that already explains what I'm talking about that I can copy here:

Is your PS opening in 32bit mode? I had the same issue and the following steps fixed mine just in case it helps you:

1. Go to Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 and do a GET INFO (COMMAND + I) on the Adobe Photosop CS5.1 file. (It should pop up a window showing some details about it.)
2. Look right under the copyright information and see if "Open in 32-bit mode" is checked.
3. If it is, uncheck it, then close the window. (Technically, this should tell the software to open in 64 instead of 32-bit.)
4. At this point, when I relaunched the software, it DID show pictures in the browser window within my PS.

Now, there is a drawback, and perhaps a bug, that I noticed to this method as well. When I launch the app through my dock icon on the desktop, it still launches in 32-bit mode, even though I changed it in the actual application folder for PS so that it would launch in x64. I even drug the dock icon out and replaced it with a copy from that same file and it still didn't launch in x64. However, if you use the app icon in the Applications/AdobePhotoshop CS5.1 folder it will open in x64 and allow the pictures to be seen in the browser while in PS. At least it did for me. The other drawback I noticed is that I can't use any 32-bit filters that I like to use if I want to. But, I guess that depends on how much you need them.

It's kind of a long way around the issue, but for me it works at least. I don't know if it's just specific to my system or not but I thought I would share in case it provides you with a solution to be able to help.

I don't know. I am suspicious that it might be a 32-bit v/s 64-bit issue and bug, but what do I know?? haha I just know that this worked for me. lol

Is this a bug? Is it something that can be addressed? I actually do use a 32-bit filter sometimes in PS for projects and it would be a lot more practical to be able to see the pictures in that mode as well. :-)

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