Photoshop Mobile: Not enough information is available on file types and file properties (access to File Info)

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Why on earth does the grid of images in the home screen where we are choosing which image to edit, the only organizational option for Photoshop on the iPad not show the extensions. I don’t know if I am about to open a jpg, a tiff, a psd...  makes no sense. Unless everything that enters into Photoshop iPad must be a mobile psd so they are always that file type which I can believe it doesn’t just edit a JPG or a PNG. But still, we should be able to see more information about the files.
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Posted 6 months ago

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Not only that.
Can we soon get some info on the file we are working on, please at least as a minimum size in pixel.
often i need to get a greater canvas size. 
Now i have to create a new document and import a photo into it. not knowing how big it is originally.
It is a bit stupid to first open the photo in Affinity Photo to get some data. I know Apple IOS is very bad in giving some info on what you have in your system. But Photoshop iPad should be able to do it. 
Right now it just scales your import to the new photo size, so a thumbnail can become as large as ie. 5000 pix image.

And as Jared just states, I can have a low-res and a high-res version of same image and have no clue on what I open in Photoshop mobile.
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Hi Jared, Photoshop for iPad converts files to .PSDc when imported, so they are all PSDc files. 

The list view will show the file size but not the dimensions.

I can convert this problem to be a request to show more file info in the Home screen Cloud Document Organizer. (pixel dimensions, etc)
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Yes, convert it to a request.  But add to that request to have an info button.  We should be able to see the basics right there without touching anything, like filename, mp, pixel dimensions, TIME LAST EDITED and such, but the info button should allow you to see the full metadata associated with the file.  If I want to know the color space, or the date created or the keywords, or anything, I should be able to look at that data.  But the info showing under each photo should be informative enough for us to know which image we are opening.  Right now, we can't tell, even after opening the file, because there is no information anywhere.  Thanks.