Lightroom CC: Please add face recognition

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I am disappointed that there is no facial recognition in Lightroom CC. I am a professional Photo Organizer and I was hoping it would be a good alternative to Mylio and other programs for organizing client's photos. With facial recognition in other competitive products, it is a way to add lots of names as keywords very efficiently.
I scan client photos also, and I can't edit the capture date in Lightroom CC, so that is disappointing also.
This product still does seem promising as a way for my clients to view, share and enjoy their photos if I have organized their collection and applied metadata using other products such as Lightroom Classic.
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Meg Macintyre

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Posted 3 years ago

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Thanks for the suggestion, Meg. I'll change it to an Idea so it gets logged as a feature request.
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Martin Henke

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Hi, any news here? Still disappointed and waiting. The software is really expensive, so I think Adobe should add the features the Classic-Version already has...
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Martin, it's a great request, but just bear in mind that Classic's had more than 10 years of development, whereas CC is very new.
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I don't think that is really an answer - CC is not starting development as a new product in 2007, but as part of an existing product line in which geotagging and facial recognition have already been developed.

What is confusing is why features which already exist haven't been included in the CC version of the software - particularly since it is positioned as part of the Lightroom line rather than as a new line that is deliberately much more basic and less functional. 

In any event if it is something which is definitely in the works, it would be helpful to have confirmation of that (and when it is expected to be introduced) so that we know not to make other arrangements.
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I do totally agree. instead of adding already developed basic function (printing, geotag, face recognition), they add some auto tag function thats is not very useful.
Missing ability to use this product with family account etc

in fact no idea is taken in account but the very expensive fee we pay every month for a big 1Tb even it 1 ou 200 Gb is enough.
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Very disappointed in the Lightroom CC app. without facial recognition and face tagging. After doing a bunch of research for a replacement for Picasa that I could put on my new iPad Pro, the only comparable program that came up was Lightroom cc. I just spent 3 days prepping photos for import, creating folders and albums, importing and syncing photos only to find out that I can’t see which tag goes where. Then I add the premium feature subscription thinking that maybe that is where the facial recognition functionality comes is... wrong answer.. Not a Happy Camper! Basically just bought an app and monthly subscription for nothing