Newbie made setup errors

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  • After subscribing, I was so excited to get started that I messed up my setup
  • I installed Lightroom rather than LR Classic
  • I forgot to tell it to store images locally
  • I spent several hours importuning Gigs of images
  • After discovering error, I installed LR Classic
  • Now I need to figure out how to tell LR Classic o store locally, and how to migrate my catalog, albums, and images from LR to LR Classic
  • Any advice on all this will be greatly appreciated!
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Stephen Enge

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Posted 10 months ago

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Hey Stephen,
I wish I could help you out but unfortunately, the only thing I want to share is that I completely understand how this could happen. Everytime I want to set up LR on a new machine I install Lightroom and then remember that Adobe changed the naming out of reasons not known to me. I wish it wouldn't be that easy to confuse the two...
Hope you find a fast solution!
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Victoria Bampton - Lightroom Queen, Champion

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How were you managing the photos beforehand Stephen? The LR Cloudy import process doesn't remove the photos from their existing folder system, so if I'm following you correctly, you could just wipe out the Cloudy library and just import the photos into Classic.
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Dan Hartford Photo

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From your description, it sounds like you imported images into LR/Cloudy from some disk drive prior to installing LR/Classic.  Due to this your full original files are sitting in the Adobe Cloud (as well as where they were before you imported them as Victoria mentioned.  If you have not done much editing of those images in LR/Cloudy and still have the original source files that you imported, then the easiest is what Victoria suggested.

However, if for some reason you no longer have those original source files on your computer system or you've done loads of image editing in LR/Cloudy that you'd prefer not to have to redo in LR/Classic then you should be able to just turn on sync in LR/Classic (assuming both apps are hooked to your same Adobe ID).  Once you do this, all the original full image files from LR/Cloudy will come down to LR/Classic.  However, you will lose any keywording you did in LR/Cloudy and you will also lose your album structure from Cloudy - all images will be in one folder.   At least that is my understanding of how it should work.
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Agree with all of the above, except the keywording bit. Are you sure the keywording will be lost? Not sure if any keywords automatocally assigned by Adobe Sensei gets synced from Cloudy to Classic, but I thought any keywords manually assigned in Cloudy should be, no? I don't use Cloudy so can't test...
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Very complicated topic.  the short answer is that zero Keywords (sensei or manual) synch from cloudy to classic.  If certain conditions are met, keywords from Classic will find their way to Cloudy when the image is first synced to cloudy but not thereafter.  

If you want the gory details I have a blog on the subject that can be found here: