Lightroom: visualizer for adjustment locations

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Two suggestions .....


We now have a LOT of ways of adding adjustments to an image - conventional adjustment brush, Spot, spot healing, radial, grad filter, etc.

As we have added a visualizer for spots at the bottom of the screen (d**** now I can see that my sensor was worse than I thought !!!!!), how about something that would knock down the opacity of the image (or simply lighten it) to make the ALL the pins of ALL types visible that we have enabled. That way you could see them all (and be reminded of what you have) making it much easier to find the one you want to re-visit (sometimes they get obscured). Then you could ACTIVATE it by just clicking on it and it would restore the image back to normal and ACTIVATE that brush/spot heal, etc for editing.

Then, add a field as part of the control that would allow you to note your intention for that pin - e.g. 'Reduce glare on sign' - much like you might name layers in PS - you could provide a name/annotation for your pin so you could remember why you created it. Probably not necessary for a bunch of spotting pins - but would be useful for more complex adjustment brushes or, for example, if you painted in a grad filter and then created a brush over top of part of the area the grad filter covered to reverse the effect for that point in the photo. Yes, you can name Custom presets - but the name gets somewhat obliterated the moment you adjust one of the sliders.

The brushes, grad filter and radial filter all have underlying masks - it would be useful to be able to display all of these at once so you could see what interactions might be present - especially if you have created a brush to counter-act locally part of the effect of a grad filter.

Two .....

Regarding Flow and Density .... I appreciate that you might want to vary Flow while painting on an adjustment brush - to 'build up' an effect slowly and with more control. But it seems the Density is locked from your starting point and you can't change it after. I would find it much more useful if I could vary the Flow as I paint the brush - but have the Density be adjustable after the fact so it worked more like Opacity (in PS).

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