New updates, new issues/adventures yet again

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Well, once again new updates to Adobe products and new issues and what I call adventures
because one never knows what may happen.

Currently with the latest updates to Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, the integration has
become an adventure.  The issue arises after doing the adjustments and such on raw
images in Lightroom and then selecting Edit in Photoshop...  The following scenerios
happen with no rhyme, reason, or pattern:
1.  Absolutely nothing happens.  Selecting a second time then brings about the intended
     behavior of opening the image in Photoshop and bringing it to the foreground.
2.  One can see CPU activity, but Photoshop is not brought to the foreground and manually
     switching to Photoshop brings up the typical welcome screen.  However, simply clicking
     in that window, then all of a sudden the transferred image appears.
3.  Similar to 2, however the manual switch brings up Photoshop with the image
4.  This one is a variation of 1.  Initially doing the selection with no result, then switching
     to Photoshop, completes the process.
5.  Surprisingly, works as it should and the transfer is much faster than before.
6.  The transfer works as it used to.
7.  The transfer works, but Photoshop sits open much longer than it used to before
     a "Camera Raw" progress bar pops up and the transfer completes.

That is why I am calling the new updates an adventure as one cannot predict what will
happen or what the workaround is.  

Now, before updating to the latest Lightroom, I would on rare occasion encounter
scenario 1.  Leads me to believe Lightroom CC 2015.8 may be the culprit and
has blown the issue wide open.

System is a late 2013, 27" iMac, macOS Sierra 10.12.2, 32 GB RAM and no other
apps open other than Photoshop and Lightroom.  Looking at memory usage, it does
not seem to be an issue as there is lots of unused RAM available (nearly half).

Also, Photoshop itself seems sluggish at times as well.  Operations that were
basically click, click, click sometimes change to "click wait for menu", "click wait
for dialog", etc.  Again, this also seems random in occurrence as well.

I am paying a monthly fee for "supposedly" premium products that seem to always 
have updates that solve old issues and create new ones.  When will there ever be 
updates that improve the product without side effects.  It is like paying every month
for your cell service and the provider says that we have made changes to improve
coverage and find out that they have a bug where you can't call any number with a 5 in it.

Will see if the adventure continues today.
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Posted 3 years ago

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all i can say at this point is - WELCOME BACK 2015.7 ! - what a relief...
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May I parphases a previous President, for what is now, almost great once again.... "That dependes on your definition of" a permium product!   Which obviously wil soon become a great perium product soon.  Just you wait and see just how fantastic it is going to be this next time.  Sorry in advance of I have offended the sensitivities of those who's sense of humor has been damage by the quality of good old US manufactured products.....  Most sincerly,  Doug Stead
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The issues were't as bad as yesterday, sort of.  Transferred a bunch of RAWs to Lightroom catalog
as usual and went through my normal screening, initial tweaks, etc.  Then the first 'Open in
Photoshop" went amazingly fast.  However, that was short lived.  The next transfers were 10-20
seconds getting longer on each transfer  Then suddenly, one transferred within a second or so.
There after, back to snail's pace.

I have a CPU monitor in my menu bar and was watching it as all this would take place.
Initially, a short blast of all cores, about a second, then sit with almost no activity for a long
time, then a blast of all cores, full bore for a couple seconds and up pops PS.  It is almost
like the two apps start something, then sit there for a long time trying to decide who is 
supposed to do what.

During the session, RAM never maxed out over 10-11 GB used on a 32 GB system.

Operation was never this bad.  At most, the hand off from LR to PS would only be a couple
seconds, not 10 - 20 like it is now!  Performance has definitely taken a nosedive!