Lightroom: Restore features removed from Import in LR 6.2 / CC 2015.2

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LIGHTROOM...PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE. I use each and every item most every day in my work flow.To be able to see how file name looks before it is brought in to LR. Is very important.As well as To see the destination Folders , how big a file is......Move is gone. You can only Add the photos at their existing location or Copy the photos to a new location.
Eject After Import is gone. You must now remember to eject memory cards using the operating system
Duplicate photos can’t be imported
Zoom is gone from the Import Loupe view.
Filename is now hidden under a tooltip.
Destination panel folders preview is gone, including the italic preview showing your chosen folder structure, the checkmarks to their right, and the volume information showing how much space was available on each drive.
Thumbnail filtering by Destination folder is gone.
Total file size is gone from the bottom left corner.
The filename preview (when renaming) is gone. THANKS!!!
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David Jones

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  • very disapointed

Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hooray for restoring the old Lightroom import window!.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Lightroom 2015.3 update which has restored the import window to it's previous glorious state! I didn't realize how much I missed the old import window until I got it back. Thank you for listening Adobe!
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Greg Christie

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Just to thank Adobe for the rethink. I would have lived with the new import as I've written lua plugins (which I enjoy writing) that streamline the rest of my use of Lightroom. But much pleased with the restoration of the import tool. Perhaps, as others have said, a wizard for new users if it's that critical?
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Still no Eject after import....!?? or am i missing it?
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It's still there. You have to actually have a card inserted and be importing something from that card.
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aha! - thank you... i've been tethered for the past few days and that box doesn't show - but its kinda logical that one would need to insert a card - just assumed a camera would open the same import window as a card...

thanks for the help!
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Thanks Adobe for listening to your long term LR users. Delighted to have the power of the import interface back.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New lightroom import module.

This is honnestly the worst thing, ever. The new import module is nothing like the old one who would open windows explorer to get to your files. Its been replaced by a crappy, non-intuitive in-program explorer. Please, Adobe, fix that, this is seriously horrible.

If I wanted to be non-productive on purpose I'd make myself a darkroom. Can we work on that please?
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Uh, it has been fixed, in LR 6.3 and onwards - the original import dialog was restored.
Please see the start of this thread for the official response announcing the change.
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I saw the mail coming and was puzzled! Is someone still having this problem? This happened a year ago!
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I guess so, since Jérémie had created a new thread about the issue.
Apparently not everyone checks in on this site... ;)