Lightroom: Restore features removed from Import in LR 6.2 / CC 2015.2

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LIGHTROOM...PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE. I use each and every item most every day in my work flow.To be able to see how file name looks before it is brought in to LR. Is very important.As well as To see the destination Folders , how big a file is......Move is gone. You can only Add the photos at their existing location or Copy the photos to a new location.
Eject After Import is gone. You must now remember to eject memory cards using the operating system
Duplicate photos can’t be imported
Zoom is gone from the Import Loupe view.
Filename is now hidden under a tooltip.
Destination panel folders preview is gone, including the italic preview showing your chosen folder structure, the checkmarks to their right, and the volume information showing how much space was available on each drive.
Thumbnail filtering by Destination folder is gone.
Total file size is gone from the bottom left corner.
The filename preview (when renaming) is gone. THANKS!!!
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David Jones

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  • very disapointed

Posted 4 years ago

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Olena Bulygina

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Just bring it back, please, as an extended option, or something we could set up in Preferences menu. The new one — I really wonder, who you tested on. I mean, dimmed previews and giant ticks that create only visual noise and clutter — who would say it's ok?
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J-Christophe Dichant

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I am disapointed looking to this new import feature. Being a daily advanced LR user, here are my issues.

The first screen has strictly no use to me as I can access my folder hierarchy from the second screen. I switched it off in the preferences (it was also slowing down my computer).

The second screen, the real import screen, misses critical features :
- unmount memory card is essential as I might have integrity issues on the memory card if I forget to unmount it later on, it was so simple previously.
- the large icon on top of thumbnails prevent me to see the thumbnails, this is non sense
- no way to see the file renaming preview
- no way to browse the target folder hierarchy, I already created an existing folder just because I could not see that it was already there

I can live with new ways of using LR if it is iso-functionality. But I cannot live with it if it misses the basic functions I am waiting from this software.

To Adobe : Import menu was too complex for basic users ? I can understand this but the fact is that it is not the menu by itself, it is the way you implemented the catalog.
A lot of people just want to use LR as a RAW developper, and do not care about the catalog. This is not the right way to me, but this is a reality. I have hundreds of students in that case. They just do not understand why they cannot open a file, develop it and get a JPG. Nothing else.

This is available in Capture One Pro, session mode if I'm not wrong. You should think in that direction instead of redesigning the import menu which is still too complex for a basic user (please note that I have nothing against basic users !!).
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Frederic Caille

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Obviously you people spent a lot of time meeting casual users and designing the new import dialog and now you are not willing to change your mind.
Did you consider the fact that if these users did not understand the previous dialog it was mainly because of the 'import' thing? that you have to 'import' your photos in a library is a concept that some people seem unable to grasp. And changing the dialog won't change that.
Besides, do you really intend to rent LR + PS to casual users? give me a break. I am giving you 144 EUR per year, you alter one of the main features of the product, I complain and your answer is 'it is not an option, my aim is to conquer new users'.

At least give us a choice.
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AJP Lawrence

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"Did you consider the fact that if these users did not understand the previous dialog it was mainly because of the 'import' thing? that you have to 'import' your photos in a library is a concept that some people seem unable to grasp. And changing the dialog won't change that."

The biggest single issue I come across with showing people how to use LR is the concept of importing. Not the mechanics of the task, the idea that you have to import content into LR as opposed to opening files as one does in many other programmes.
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3 Quick Critiques:
1) The new interface is poorly designed (reminiscent of Final Cut X)

2) More importantly one of my favorite features allowed a user to easily see where files were going to be copied/moved to in the previous interface (subfolder or by date). This is now not available.

3) If you do import to the wrong folder there is no move option anymore when selecting existing files.

Not a step in the right direction. Software programming is hard and you can't please everyone. If you want to make the interface simpler, that's great. Just don't completely remove useful features users need. Learn from FinalCut X's mistakes Adobe.
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Mario Gandia

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I understand why they did bring in the casual users, the iPhone photographers, creatives that use photography simply as a creative outlet, etc. I cant fault them for that.

That being said, turning your back on the whole professional community/long time users is asinine. If they cant figure out how to import photos, maybe Lightroom really isn't the program for them.

What's next? "We found that users were intimidated by all the adjustments that were possible in the Development tab. So, to make things easier, we've removed all that and simply added buttons such as "make picture brighter" and "enhance color".

This is a slippery slope.

Consider developing a Lightroom Lite version.
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Stephen Gibbon

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Many others have already pointed out the major flaws of the new import, just want to add my voice, if enough people complain we may get a rethink, although I'm not hopeful. LR user since the beginning, have put up with many bugs and slow performance but never such an unwelcome change. Destination Folder Preview and the check controls therein, removal of auto eject, lack of file names, obscured greyed out selections and lack of Move are all direct impacts on my workflow, others less so but I did sometimes zoom at the import stage etc.
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Yannick Bos

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Just start my subscription to Photoshop/Lightroom CC.. and regret.
Previous import window was just very good, for folder tree for example. It was very intuitive.
New window is like "how to make something simple but source of frustration".

Please, at least add an option to choose !
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Jean Claude Saillier

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« Dear Adobe : we want the classic « LR Import Dialog » back ! Please give us the Choice : in the Preference Panel »
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Mike McNamara

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I want to add my disappointment to the many who are already looking to get the previous import reinstated. To say that 'this is not an option' is a gross insult to your customers. If you want to introduce a basic and simple import option then do so, but make it a preference that can be turned off for more experienced users.

Personally I found the simple interface much more confusing than the 'complex' one. A giant tick covering a dimmed image, is that image going to be imported or rejected? There was very little indication of what was going to happen or how the images could be located and processed in an ongoing (professional?) situation.

For new users, select a good set of defaults, hide the detailed panels. But for experienced users give us the option to view the panels and to make our own decisions as to how we want to use the product.
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Gary Orgles

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I have never been so disappointed with a software release as this one.

Please give us back our old import screen!

Not that Adobe ever listen.....
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Stefano Bertini

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I downgraded to 6.1.1 after 10 minutes on the new (!!!) import feature.

It is a real pain using LightRoom !

I would really appreciate a real competitor of the abandoned Aperture from Apple.
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Paul Riccardi

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Dear Adobe developers

We understand that you have a large market share when it comes to dealing Lightroom and Photoshop.

However when you loose touch with your market and what they want, eventually they will find other solutions.
For example you made a choice to shift to a subscription based product format, that upset many individuals but they were ok with it because you let us keep the older perpetual license versions running and gave us updates.
Then you started to leave out updates for the perpetual license i.e. camera raw and dehaze not for perpetual users
Now you peeve off a bunch more when you update Lightroom and they can't tether cameras (Nikon and Leica) nor do they like the dumbed down crippled import interface.

Please we beg of you listen to your users that have supported you for a long time do not force us to leave and switch to Emulsion, Affinity Photo, Gimp or another product .
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Hey Adobe: we want the classic « LR Import Dialog » back and we want it know!!!
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Marc Hohenleitner

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The new Dehaze tool for local filters is a great addition in 2015.2! :)

Unfortunately I have to say the new Import-Dialog-Window is a nightmare has come ture!!! :( Less functions, bad perfomrance and at least the design doesn't match the rest of LR (buttons etc..). Please bring back the old Import-Window - with the ability to switch to a more "simplified" screen (if that is really needed).

A general question, why do you change a stable running module (the Import-Window) of LR? There are dozens of issues and you "destroy" a running part...
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Günter von Ameln

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The new import function is not alone uncomfortable, it does not work correct.
Wie I send photographs to my company, I save sent photos in a separate Folder. This pictures ares double, but for control functions it is needed.

When I try to synchronize my "sent-Folder" I see 20 photographs to import into the catalogue:

starting the sync process gives the answer: all photographs are already imported:

no chance to import.
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Ian Grainger

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I came here to complain about the new Import process, and its missing functionality, and I find myself amongst many others!

Obviously my sentiments echo those above so I won't repeat it all.

This is the first time I've ever had the need to complain about Lightroom, and I've used it since the initial beta release of version 1.

I've currently gone back to the previous version until sanity prevails...

...and can only hope that you are listening, and will take action quickly to resolve this fiasco.
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Julien Goy

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I do welcome my fellow Lightroom users to the very imaginative world of updates @Adobe. Plz, come join us on topics about DW!


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Yes, you have found the right word: It is a real fiasco!
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Ann Shelbourne

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"Form is supposed to follow Function" — NOT the other way around!

Unfortunately the Designer who came-up with the changes to Lr 6.2 obviously went to the wrong Art College.

There is a new ethos creeping into software-design that seems to believe that "Fashion over-rides Function" (which results in "Flat", banal and rather juvenile comic-book design); and the belief that all software should be "simplified" (meaning "dumbed-down"?!) to make it accessible to the laziest and most stupid.

Fortunately Subscribers to the Creative Cloud do have access to a far better program than Lr 6.2.

Photoshop and Bridge-hosted ACR provide all the image-editing tools that Lr offers but with a straight-forward easy-to-use UI and with a FAR better, and a lot faster, way to open, organise, save and use Image files for any purpose

I have never found any good reason to use Lr (except for Lr Mobile) and this deplorable "upgrade" (which I have now down-graded back to 6.1) clinches that impression.
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AJP Lawrence

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I used to be a regular Bridge user and a beta tester for many years too. But LR superceded it for speed and ergonomics years back. Bridge is certainly not faster if you know how to use both programmes properly.

The antiquated UI of ACR is simply pants compared to the LR develop module and gets ever more clunky whenever new tools are added. If ACR wasn't modal and it's UI was made more ergonomic, then yes Bridge would be a good alternative to LR.
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Pippo Baudo

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Hey Adobe, if you want to make a Lightroom for dummies make a Lightroom Elements version, but don't touch to the important features existing in the "normal" version...
You really did a so bad job this time!!!
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John Jowett

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Like many people here, I really want the Import features back. Please don't dumb down Lightroom (or at least provide the option not to have it dumbed down). Lightroom is a tool for serious photographers and needs to keep its power. You already have other products like Photoshop Elements for beginners. I am a CC subscriber but I am not going to install this update for now.

I particularly want to MOVE photos on Import (when they come from other locations on my hard disk), to check generated filenames, to have cards ejected automatically, etc.
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john dekker

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This is the first giant step backwards. Did beta testers give the thumbs up on this? what about julieanne? terry?
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If beta testers (and alpha) did affirm this fiasco in the testing phase, it is proof positive that the beta test pool may not be as large and/or diverse as it should be.
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colin williams

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To Sharad Mangalick and Adobe officials,
I have been a loyal supporter of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom since the inception of those applications and last year signed up for the Creative Cloud using the Photography Program. I remember the early days with Thomas and John Knoll and the influence that their father Glen had on their careers. How far Adobe has come! I am a firm believer in change and technological advances in computerization and software and I have been an advocate of such. I belong to a very large photographic community comprising of many clubs and photographers and if you were to ask anyone of those photographers what I “sell” the answer would be the promotion of Lightroom. Lightroom from its inception has been a valuable photographic tool and is enjoyable to use, it is intuitive and easy to understand, the interface is beautifully designed. I have conducted many workshops educating those that have a desire to learn the software and not one of them has rejected Lightroom for another program. Over the years I have spent many thousands of dollars on photography equipment and software which includes the CS4 Master collection and all of the Lightroom updates. This past year I made the decision to upgrade my options and after doing the math elected to use the Creative Cloud process, it was a good move and now being on a retirement income have found it to be affordable. So there you have it, you have your promotion..............But, we have a problem, unfortunately the boat has been rocked, some have fallen over never to return, some are hanging on not sure what to do and others are still inside waiting for what happens next. What happens when the boat has rocked too much, it sinks along with all those who felt there was still a chance. Adobe in its wisdom has given us a voice in that we can now use a forum to air our views, our frustrations and more importantly a place where we can let Adobe know the problems that occur when using software and that corrections can be made to improve the software. There has been a huge change to the interface of the import section of Lightroom that has shocked the Lightroom community and this change came without warning to most of us. You have left us scrambling to understand your reasoning. I am not a professional and do not rely on Lightroom for a living, I really do feel for those that do! I am only a little speck in a big jar of ointment and I am sure my actions would not have any impact on your decision not to reverse back to a more acceptable Lightroom for your dedicated followers. I have made the decision to cancel my Creative Cloud subscription, I will revert back to Photoshop CS4 and will return to Lightroom 5. It is too bad that the business model got in the way of us creatives, I guess the good part though is I get to keep my previous subscription to CC and perhaps even purchase one of the newer and faster programs out there, see ya
Colin Williams
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john dekker

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled import for dummies toggle.

give the option to have the import functionality dumbed down like it is now, or let everyone else turn off the import for dummies style and return to the full featured, functional, perfect import module
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James Clay

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Well, where to start really, as so many others, this really is a huge mistake on Adobes part.

Don't get me wrong, I know they need to expose the product to new users, but let's be honest, Lightroom isn't a simple image editor for the masses. Aside from Lr's extensive image editing capabilities, it supports, and forms the central backbone of many a professional and advanced amateur photographers workflow, functioning as both Digital Asset Management and Image Editor.

If their new target audience can't handle a few options allowing them to work flexibly and understand simple concepts like: move on import, the need to review images prior to import, import target folder destinations/previews, file renaming conventions, metadata tagging etc, then frankly, they have no business using such software. Why mess up the workflow of many professionals that rely on the software for their livelihood.

If adobe really want to break in to the general consumer / casual market, then one of two options would surely be more viable than Lr 6.2 / CC2015.2, both in terms of the current/established professional/experienced user base, and the requirements of a more emergent consumer driven sector:

1) An entirely new product focussed on the casual / inexperienced user - i.e Lr Lite.
2) A single product that supports both advanced workflows for established / professional users, as well as a simplified wizard / tutorial driven option that guides new users in to the software, and instils a willingness to learn the more advanced features and workflows as required, while allowing them to gain the most from the software and the option to utilise the full capabilities of Lightroom.