Lightroom: Restore features removed from Import in LR 6.2 / CC 2015.2

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LIGHTROOM...PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE. I use each and every item most every day in my work flow.To be able to see how file name looks before it is brought in to LR. Is very important.As well as To see the destination Folders , how big a file is......Move is gone. You can only Add the photos at their existing location or Copy the photos to a new location.
Eject After Import is gone. You must now remember to eject memory cards using the operating system
Duplicate photos can’t be imported
Zoom is gone from the Import Loupe view.
Filename is now hidden under a tooltip.
Destination panel folders preview is gone, including the italic preview showing your chosen folder structure, the checkmarks to their right, and the volume information showing how much space was available on each drive.
Thumbnail filtering by Destination folder is gone.
Total file size is gone from the bottom left corner.
The filename preview (when renaming) is gone. THANKS!!!
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  • very disapointed

Posted 4 years ago

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S'il vous plaît Adobe Systems Inc, rétablissez le menu d'importation de la version précédente afin que l'on puisse utiliser les nouvelles fonctionnalités de la plus récente version, comme le voile !
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Please dear Adobe : we want the classic « LR Import Dialog » back ! Please at least give us the Choice : in the Preference Panel
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As I expected Adobe censored my comment here (it seems it will stay under moderation forever, which is actually the same thing):

So I will post it at least here:

I can ́t believe this statement about the Import.

Where did you make this test with the old interface? In a nursery?

Here is the true impression of your customers about this:

At the moment 282 people complaining about the changes you made. Not one that likes the new GUI. Given the fact this thread is two days old this is the highest number of people complaining about something ever.

Nobody would have complained about a better import, but you removed features and that what makes the majority of your customers angry.

To make it very clear for you. The new import is unusable and in the thread I linked the people explained very detailed why.

If you do not bring the features back, I will cancel my subscription, even though I love everything else in LR and use it since a long time.

But importing pics is the most essential thing I have to do and it ́s just not working with the new interface.

Think twice what you do. There are a lot of people not willing to accept this.
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Dear Adobe : we want the classic « LR Import Dialog » back ! Please give us the Choice : in the Preference Panel !!!!!!!
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I read from the Adobe Lightroom Blog ( that:

"Please keep the feedback coming!"


"Keeping the existing Import experience isn’t an option"

Trouble is, the new import experience is what people don't like.

The new import removes features people want, makes some existing features harder to use and (frankly) is poorly designed and inconsistant with with the rest of the Lightroom UI.

Time for a rethink. Fast. Have the humility to recognise that you might have got it wrong.
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Dear Adobe : we want the classic « LR Import Dialog » back ! Please give us the Choice : in the Preference Panel !!!!!!!
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Dear Adobe
I would really like the classic « LR Import Dialog » back ! Please give me the Choice : in the Preference Panel »
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I understand many noveice users have trouble with the import concept. Seems the obvious solution is add these features back under an "Expert" link/tab.
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From the Adobe blog post: "Others gave up, deciding that Lightroom might not be the right product for them."

Exactly. They're probably better off with Photoshop Elements or an application on their phone. Failure of some people to immediately be able to do something with software doesn't mean it's a problem with the software. If someone really needs that simplistic of an interface, they'll never get through editing and exporting.

Adobe sat down with people who'd never used the software, and observed that they couldn't immediately do some things. What did they expect from a powerful piece of software?? To me, this indicates where Adobe thinks Lightroom is headed - to casual home users. The export module will probably be next.

How far does Adobe want to simplify?
"Would you like to crop your photo?" Buttons/Screens: Yes, Explain cropping, Next.
"Would you like to adjust the exposure?" Buttons/Screens: Yes, Explain exposure, Next.
"Would you like to apply split toning?" Buttons/Screens: Yes, Explain split toning, Next.

After a few thousand questions, the photo would be imported, organized into a collection, keyworded, edited, and exported. The user would never have to learn anything. In a few hours/days, they'd have their completed iPhone photo.

If Adobe really does feel that Lightroom should be immediately usable by a first-time user, they're going to lose a huge portion of their existing client base.
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" If someone really needs that simplistic of an interface, they'll never get through editing and exporting.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom October 2015 update.

Is Adobe trying to shoot itself in the foot? The October 2015 update to the Lightroom Import screen layout and methodology is a retrograde step and makes imports much harder and slower than previous versions.

"Move" seems to have vanished into the ether, the postage stamp icons reminds me of a Fisher Price computer interface for 5 year olds. Have turned these off in Preferences, but am left with an illogical screen layout.

I use a 22" screen and now have to use a loupe to read some of the menu items. Others complain of multiple crashes.

Bring back the import interface that we all loved to complain about, it worked.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC 2015.2 New Import Interface Rejected..

As a very new user of Lightroom, I am just beginning to wind my way through the learning process of importing, organizing, developing and exporting my images. I even paid a local pro photographer to spend a couple of hours tutoring me on the import/file organization process alone. I was just getting a handle on it when the 2015.2 update came alone. The new interface blew me away! The whole import process has changed, elements moved around, some features gone altogether. Adobe has definitely SCREWED UP, in my opinion, on this update. It is very user-unfriendly and less intuitive than before. I REJECT this update. Adobe, you can do better!
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I have been using Lightroom from day one , version 5.7 currently .
I was going to update to version 6 ( CC or not CC, that's the question ) but with this new AWESOME import panel : NO F... WAY !!!!!!!!!!!
Adobe change that fast or I am going to look elsewhere even if it means learning a brand new soft .
Lightroom or not Lightroom , that's the new question !
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I worked in the software business for over 40 years, until I retired recently. I'm a "keen amateur" who has used Lightroom for the past 5 years. Coming from a B2B software background, UI was a very important part of our products - users and companies need to be able to use the same software in such a way as to support workflows which varied widely from customer to customer.

For years, I told our UI guys "LOOK AT LIGHTROOM! - It has the best workflow support I have seen in ANY software I know of!! it's intuitive. It supports diverse workflows. It's fast. In terms of its conceptual model, UI and sheer usability, it's everything that Photoshop isn't". I loathed Photoshop, but I fell instantly in love with Lightroom.

And compatibility was always right up there at the top of the list of "things not to ^%$£ up". A radical UI change could literally cost a large company millions in lost efficiency and retraining costs.

How can a company such as Adobe, with such a great product, totally ^%$£ it up like this?

Reputations take years to build, but are lost in a day. Look at VW.

Have the lunatics taken over the managerial asylum?
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Almost impossible to believe that Adobe replied like that!

"The previous Import experience literally made people push back from their computers in frustration. Keeping the existing Import experience isn’t an option, and we needed to evolve the Import experience.

We’ve heard great feedback on the changes, and we’ve always evolved the Lightroom product with feedback from photographers and look forward to continue to evolve the experience going forward with your feedback in mind."


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New import panel lightroom CC2015-2.

Very disappointed with this interface, you can not see the images or the names of the images, the destination images ...
Very surprised by this reverse
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Remember how people responded to "New Coke"?

Please learn from others' mistakes Adobe
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The following is a copy of my comment (awaiting moderation) on the Lightroom Journal blog post on this matter:

To: Sharad Mangalick,

What an absurd, arrogant, condescending basket full of poppycock.

Perhaps you should contemplate the lessons offered in the Greek proverb about a "Bird in Hand,"

Do you think your longtime traditional users are incapable of seeing through your double speak?

You use the term 'evolve' several times and apparently you seem to choose to ignore the fact that successful evolution rarely relies upon loss of function as an organism progresses.

Secondly, you state that 'Customers were universally unable to decipher the Import dialog without getting frustrated.' ... if you paid any attention to the feedback forum over the past 72 hours, you would be well aware that the true universal concern.

Additionally, you close you statement with ... 'Keep the feedback coming!' ... why should we bother? ... you will do as you wish and expect we paying customers to accept whatever you offer without question. How can you choose to ignore all that feedback on just this issue ... the thread in question has surpassed other topics in just a couple of days that took years for other topics to achieve.

Once again, the arrogance of this 'context' you share is quite evident that you hold your existing customers in very low esteem and actually take them for granted and are more than willing to sacrifice them in order to attract ab unproven market segment to the fold.

What makes you believe that a potential customer that found the traditional Import dialog too intimidating will be in the effort for the long haul to support your salary in perpetuity without question?

I, for one, after over 22 years, will be getting off the Adobe merry-go-round as I have had my fill of this attitude and arrogance. I will be canceling my subscription at the end of it's current term and I won't be back.
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Don ́t worry. My reply there was censored as well. Post it again on their facebook page. That has a greater impact.
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I just looked at the new import dialog (after having other problems with 6.2) and it is appalling. I echo and support everyone's comments here. To that I would add, if I wanted a new app, surely this should be LR 7, or LR for kids or something, but to completely rewrite an interface like this in a "dot" release is appalling. Going back to 6.1, and could be there a few years sadly by the looks of it.
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I'm appalled and furious Adobe decided to dumb down the Import dialogs so that it looks like an amateur app for kids. At least give us the choice to keep the old interface with ALL its options, or use the dumbed-down one. Makes me wonder what else they'll club in the next point release to make it "easier".
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Myer Bornstein

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If I Knew about this new import screen I would have NOT upgraded
The old screen was better and more into my workflow. I was once a new user and learned how to use LR so can every other new person
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Not that it's necessary, considering the magnitude of the comments already amassed over the last 3 days, but I'd like to add a +1 on this.

What an absolute garbage downgrade. In addition to not being able to see the file names on import (there is even, astoundingly, the option to sort the files by file name, despite not being able to see this information!), the popup dialog with the landscape background is a waste of time and computer resources. What's so difficult to understand about the Import button opening a folder structure? Did people really have trouble with this?

I'm running a top-of-the-line Mac Pro with 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, and Lightroom feels sluggish with all this garbage loaded into it. It never used to feel this way.
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Eric Goncalves

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I was going to upgrade from 5.7 mainly because the Nikon d7200 is not Supported but after reading the comments I will stay clear. I will use my files as tiffs on 5.7. Thanks
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Eric, Convert the 7200 NEFs to DNG and continue to enjoy the benefits of RAW.
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dave herr

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Realized I could turn off the 'add photos' screen. This is a good option. Why can't we have options to restore the other functions that were removed? They don't have to look the same—they can keep their big, 'user-friendly' checkmarks. Just give us back the file names and eject card option.
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just to let you all know where this is coming from; i am not a professional, photography is mostly a hobby however every so often i am asked to photograph an event. workflow is usually lr, photoshop and 'on one'. (retired old guy)

the import process, for me, at the beginning was tough to learn, so after many tutorials and a little help from 'creative live tv' i was on my way.

through 'macintouch' i learned that an upgrade was available, however the advice was not to upgrade. i took to the web and found Julieanne Kost, tutorial re: the new lightroom. i could not believe what i was seeing. you went backwards.

adobe by now you know this upgrade is in trouble, i'm not going to repeat what everyone is saying, but i do agree with all the complaints on this forum.
you need to find a way out of this where, somehow, you can save 'face'.
everyone, sooner or later, makes mistakes. get over it and watch the egos floating around. (Sharad Mangalick)

you don't have to comment on anything just come out with another upgrade fixing what you have messed up. maybe adding something like the ability to increase the size of fonts in the modules.

there was no reason to ruin a perfectly working 'import' module. if you wanted to make it easier, explain it better.

applause to butch_m
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I'm astonished and a little bit ofended by the unbelievable statement posted by Mr. Mangalick on the LR blog (the same guy who, by the way, has a long history of deleting my comments of support and appreciation, for no apparent reason).

I may find ways to cope with the new import, but now I'm *really* worried about what could they have in store for us in other areas of the program??

But, overall, the whole post sounds like a joke for april's fool day. Visiting not-LR users at their homes, observing them as if they were lab rats and getting surprised because they do not know everything from minute 0, and they have to resort to tutorials??? "Feeling" succesful as a key objective? People running away from their computers like 6 year old kids in a tantrum? Really? (Well, maybe they were indeed 6 year old...).
Altogether, so hilarious that it has inspired me to write a short comical piece that I will be posting soon on my own Photoshop and Lightroom blog (in Spanish) at
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David Lukenbill

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From the Adobe blog post: "Customers were universally unable to decipher the Import dialog without getting frustrated. Some people pushed forward, bolstered by spending time searching the web for help. They might have been successful in importing files, but they didn’t feel successful."

Were they also not able to use the Help menu or press F1? Is it really that they had to search the web? As my wife pointed out, this sounds like a problem with the Help system and the ability to quickly/easily find a "getting started/quick start" tutorial. Also, how long did it really take for the one-time effort to learn how to import? Was it a 5 or 10 minute commitment?

Again, I have to question how far does a product have to be "dumbed down"?
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Alexey Skachkov

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Bring this feature back!