New Presets ALL end up in User Presets, NOT Preset Folders HORRIBLY non-usable

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You can no longer add a folder of Presets. ALL new presets end up in ONE folder: User Presets. I could insert names Presets Folder into the Develop Presets in User folder on Mac. Start up LR and you'd see the new presets in their named folder.

Now it won't show up. When you add the preset, ALL into User Presets Folder. Are you kidding me?

WHO designed this? Not gonna work. Worth rolling back JUST to get new Presets correctly installed. Anyone beta test this? I am NOT the only one reporting this. MAJOR Preset designer sent out an email with video covering this update. SHE mentioned it first. I experienced it too. So not cool.
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  • angry cos this is a waste of our time

Posted 2 years ago

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Contournement :
Éditer le RAW en tant qu'objet dynamique dans Photoshop.
Dans PS, double-clic sur le petit carré de l'icône du calque.
Dans CameraRaw, afficher les presets personnalisés.
En bas de ce menu, il y a une icône permettant de créer de nouveaux presets, et ici on pourra créer une nouvelle ensemble, ce qui correspond à un nouveau dossier. Remarque dès maintenant les presets sont utilisables et visibles dans LR et ACR, bien sûr il faudra relancer LR.

Edit RAW as a dynamic object in Photoshop.
In PS, double-click on the small square of the layer icon.
In CameraRaw, display custom presets.
At the bottom of this menu, there is an icon to create new presets, and here we can create a new set, which corresponds to a new folder. Note now the presets are usable and visible in LR and ACR, of course it will restart LR.

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Are you referring to importing folders of presets? If possible please share a video recording of your workflow for better understanding the issue. 

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I guess this is a Mac specific issue as I am not seeing this issue on Win. When creating a Preset I still have the Preset name option followed by the Preset Group drop down that allows you to put the new Preset into an existing group or create a new group.
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Je n'est pas de PC sous windows à disposition, mais ça doit être pareil.
Je vous met le lien vers le SDK ici, il est en anglais, vous allez mieux comprendre.

I do not have windows PC available, but it must be the same.
I put you the link to the SDK here, it is in English, you will better understand.

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It works exactly the same on Mac as well, Dan, i.e. it is possible to create new groups, and it is possible to drag and drop existing presets from the User Presets group (or any user group) into any of the newly created groups.

Sure, better organisation controls would help, i.e. it would perhaps be better if it was possible to create new groups directly in the Presets panel, rather than it being possible only when creating a new preset. There is an option to "Create Preset Folder" in the Develop menu, but that doesn't appear to do anything (which is probably a bug). 
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- There is an option to "Create Preset Folder" in the Develop menu, but that doesn't appear to do anything (which is probably a bug).

This is a bug on macOS.

Mais pour créer un nouveau groupe, il faut passer par "Créer un nouveau preset", Aller au tout début de la liste des "Groupe", Créer un nouveau groupe pour pouvoir ajouter un groupe. Les groupes se classent par ordre alphabétique, mais pas les presets dans les groupes !
Par contre, si vous déclarez un preset comme "Favoris", il sera classé dans le groupe Favoris tout en haut de la liste !

But to create a new group, you have to go through "Create a new preset", Go to the beginning of the list of "Groups", Create a new group to be able to add a group. Groups are listed in alphabetical order, but not presets in groups!
On the other hand, if you declare a preset as "Favorites", it will be n alphabetical order classified in the Favorites group at the very top of the list!
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@Ganesh: Ok, this is really simple! Mac adding Presets puts All newly added presets to User Presets folder. Cannot create Preset folders once in LR.

No just putting a folder of Presets into User/Library/etc/Develop Preset folder, restart LR, and the new folder appears. No more.

No you have to click the Plus sign and only allowed to import Presets, Not the folder. They All end up in User Presets.

Denise Love of 2 Lil Owls mentioned that in a vid she created. MANY of us are seeing this. 

I am not changing file formats. there is a work around:

And another link I have to find again. 

I have newer iMac and latest OS.

WHY do ppl insist I make vids? I recall the days ppl actually posted and responded to carefully detailed posts. Not all of us can make vids nor have the time. It's simple, lots of ppl reporting this issue.

Thanks for your input. I don't agree with some, but I sure appreciate your thoughtful replies!! Much love and admiration. :-)
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You can find the hint with the dummy preset here as well. I suggested it in this conversation:
No need to remember the link ;) And I guess the creation of group presets will be fixed eventually. If you prefer going via the OS and creating folders on you disk, I fear that is gone for good. Not that I miss it much - but I admit that is personal taste.

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