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Or maybe its not called Lightroom:

Today the overwhelming paradigms for photography apps are related to ingestion, processing, and storage. Over the years significant advances have been made with these apps, as with the camera hardware and accessories used to generate files. Now, what do we do with the thousands of files we have stored - some fully processed, some not?

And I don’t mean cataloging. We have that. Perhaps my use of the term “files” contributes to the problem. What I mean is “pictures.” We have pictures. Of people, places, journeys, experiences, heartaches, and heartfelt. What we don’t have is a way, or a place, to relive these pictures, perhaps sharing the experience with others, in an environment designed uniquely and specifically to enhance that experience.

Certainly Lightroom and Bridge, among others, have features for some of this. Every now and then I browse the years in Lightroom, or use keywords to seek out specific events, etc. And we certainly can upload photos from Lightroom to assorted photo storage web apps like Flickr and do much of this.

In the former, we are bookended in an application that is really designed to process digital photographs - all else is candy. For the latter, we are at the mercy of web developers or forced to design or recode ourselves.

To my knowledge there is no one app specifically and uniquely designed for viewing photographs on the computer. Perhaps that is not part of the digital experience. Perhaps we take the photo, process it, send it to someone to look at, and store it - and it is immediately forgotten. But then, in the middle of a day-dream five years later, you remember that day, and those pictures. If you have been diligent, and, with the help of Adobe, you can find the “files” and look at them again. But you are still viewing them in a processing app, without the focus that your “picture,” and your memory is due.

Can somebody please work on this?


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That's why I make a family photo website and a company photo website. I export all validated and developed pictures in screen resolution to a specific website and create links to the virtual photo albums that I can send to the people that may want to have a look or grab a copy of the photo. So it's just like a photo album on my shelf, but you can grab it any place in the world provided you have internet access. The only addition I really want is content aware keywording and some search database, outside of LR because I do not want to be tied to a company software for that.