New Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic

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Loving the concepts around the new cloud version of Lightroom BUT I might miss some of the editing controls from the classic version of Lightroom. Is it possible to:
  • Use Lightroom Classic on a desktop (I have a Mac desktop) so still having access to all the cool editing tools it has
  • Use Lightroom CC (the new version) on browser, mobile, tablet
BUT - edit the same photos in the cloud on all my devices, keeping all the edits in synch?
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Craig Massey

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Posted 2 years ago

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EP Stern

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I am dizzy after reading about what Adobe has come up with.  I really like the fact that I can sync with my Ipad Pro and my desktop with the current workflow but this is just one more cluster f--k from Adobe.  I am sorry but I think that after this I am done.  I, fortunately, own several other great competitive packages and will have to change my IOS workflow but I cannot put up with Adobe's crap anymore.  Good luck to everyone who wants to stick around.
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The short answer - yes. In fact, you've been able to do that for some time. The only detail is Classic doesn't upload originals, just smaller smart previews. Works great for most purposes though.
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Richard Hix

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Won't be switching to the new baby brother.  Just wish they'd LR as the name not adding classic.  The new version should be LR Elements or something like that for the mobile phone crowd.
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Victoria Bampton - Lightroom Queen, Champion

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Yeah, lots of people feel that way about the name. Elements or such would suggest it'll never grow into a tool for advanced photographers though, so I think I'm encouraged by the fact they didn't go for that name.
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Siang Boon Goh

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I think it should have some turn key features to enable/disable the cloud option instead of installed 2 similar app. there are situations we need cloud and some we don't need. if every vendor think build app like your way, users will be suffers.
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suddenly my Lightroom has changed into CC! I didn't know what had happened and it stuffed me up for quite a while until I had time to look into it. Why did they change us over without asking us which one we wanted? I'm not happy and just want to go back to the old classic Lightroom. It took me long enought to learn that..How do I go back to LR classic????
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They didn't change you over without asking you. You clicked to install Lightroom CC in the CC app (although the naming was a bit confusing if you weren't reading carefully) and then you clicked to open the wrong one. You'll find Lightroom Classic listed in the CC app, and you can click to open it. If you've been using the cloud-native Lightroom CC for a bit, make sure you enable sync in Classic so it downloads the changes you made.