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Adobe says this forum exists for us to give feedback, to vote, that Adobe listens to is't customers and stears the development according to feedback and feature requests.

Well, reading the blog post about what's new in 2.1 it is clear that it is not the case.

Lightroom CC : "Set as Target Album"? What is this?

Was there a need for this feature? Was it even mentioned or requested? Adding to albums is very easy as is, you just drag your photos to an albus, that is always visible on the left pane. Why adding an unnecesary feature, when most popular requests are ignored? Performance on retina devices, Watermarks, export/Import options etc...

Sorting people by their second names should be far-far lower on the priority list, as there is no Loupe or Survey mode, no drag and drop for Importing and Exporting, no sharing to other apps option, no 'automatically apply presets on import and per camera' and so on..

There is this all heading? How long do we have to pay montly to finally get to the LR CC v1.0 ?

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> Lightroom CC : "Set as Target Album"? What is this?

It's the equivalent of the Quick Collection in Classic, and a pretty popular feature. It was already in 2.0, but they forgot to add it to the previous blog post.

It was clearly a quick one to add, compared to some of the much more complex requests you mentioned, that are likely underway in the background.
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My poste that ended up elsewhere on this forum has a similar sentiment:

I really would like to be happy with these updates but find it very hard to get excited. The desktop version of Lightroom CC (which I am using right now) got two unexciting new features according to Adobe's blog post:
  • Set as Target Album (I already used this feature last week, so I don't understand what about it is new)
  • Sharing improvements (but still no password protected albums)
In all fairness, it doesn't list some smaller quality of life improvements that are explained on Victoria's blog here. Nonetheless these features are nowhere to be found in the top requests list on this forum, while Adobe's blog states: "This update contains a number of improvements based off of top customer feature requests as well as interface improvements and support for new cameras and lenses."

When will we see the real top requests implemented and can you please mark them either as under consideration or as not planned so we can make a better decision which product to use:
  1. Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile / (1104 upvotes)
  2. Ability to add watermarks to images (564)
  3. Ability to create virtual copies (226)
  4. Ability to copy/sync settings/adjustments across a group of photos (188) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  5. Develop Preset syncing between desktop and mobile (163) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  6. Please add face recognition (153) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  7. Ability to geotag photos (135)
  8. Ability to print (101)
  9. "Trash" Functionality (93) >>> UNDER CONSIDERATION
  10. Better support for comments and likes, in ALL publish services (90)
  11. Additional options needed when exporting (79) >>> UNDER CONSIDERATION
  12. Ability to bulk rename files 
  13. Selective Sync (71)
With 3 of the top 10 features implemented in 2018, this means that it will take another 2-3 years before the top requested features are implemented, if they will be implemented at all (which is not clear from the above since 8 out of 13 currently have no status attached to them). If I look at everything else that was added last year, I am starting to question if Lightroom CC is really envisioned and designed to replace Lightroom Classic at some point in the future.

TLDR; for me to continue to invest money and time in Lightroom CC, I really would like to see a roadmap of sorts, like proper statuses for requests on this forum, in particular with regards to the top 10 requested features on this forum which are still open as of today, and have been since Lightroom CC launched.

p.s. i actually find the target album feature useful, easy way to build quick selects album.
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Smart Collections should be simply Searches that you can save. That includes Camera info, Tags, other EXIF data, like focal lengths or exposure times etc.. 

Thank you for the link to Victorias blog, Floris, will read into it upon updates.
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Yes I highly recommend it. Also her book which gets updated with every release. She really is the "Lightroom Queen". Beacon of light on this forum.
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Thanks Floris. When you actually start looking at what they're working on, you can start to put 2 and 2 together. I'd like to see a public roadmap as well, but nonetheless, I think the signs are that they're heading in the right direction.
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My main concern is still workflow.

A quick scorecard:
  1. Exporting is extremely basic (1 out of 5)
  2. Virtual copies are missing and real copies take up space (and when you make them now, you get in trouble later when the functionality does get released, since it is impossible to filter those copies out (1 out of 5)
  3. No trash functionality (0 out of 5)
  4. There are 0 automation features in the entire application (0 out of 5)... e.g. processing recipes, automatic renaming on import, automatic profiles on import, smart collections - saved searches, auto stacking)
  5. Files cannot be renamed (I know you like to rename your files with a YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS token Victoria!) (0 out of 5)
  6. Keywording is extremely limited, and Adobe Sensei tags my cat as dog and dog as cat fairly often -- making it essentially worthless since you have to manually double-check everything. Once tags are applied they become practically impossible to manage (e.g. rename, batch delete, auto-complete to keep consistency across pictures) (2 out of 5)
  7. Impossible to compare two photos in a sequences (like Survey/Compare mode in Lightroom Classic (0 out of 5)
  8. No way to edit bulk of IPTC metadata (1 out of 5)
Each and everyone of these features is preventing me from embracing this application fully, while I absolutely believe and buy into the premise of a cloud-based photo processing application. Note that all of the above are still only a fraction of the Lightroom Classic feature set, since I don't believe features should be converted 1:1. I think Lightroom Classic is bloated and a more minimalistic rewrite makes a lot of sense for the mobile era.  

I hope that big progress is made on these soon. It still feels that this application is made with the following priorities in development (1) ipad users (2) phone users (3) desktop users.
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Well said Floris van Eck. Basic functionality like exporting and comparing photos still missing. To me this indeed does sound like I am ready to compare LR Classic and LR CC only after several years.
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And ridiculously sad again... no color labels, requested 5 years ago.