Lightroom: Ability to sample the density of a GradFilter/AdjBrush

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Hello again.. Since I'm at it, i do them all in one go. 3rd Post today, 2nd NF request:

Still concerning the work with adjustments Brushes:

The use of the Density parameter is great. Yet, I really regret that once you "adjusted" an area, you can't know anymore which density was used at that or that spot... Which is essential if you want to refine the adjustment.

Example 1: I adjusted the face of my subject using one Brush but at different Density. Then, I decide later to modify the adjustment and (for instance) expand the part with the highest density. Impossible, as I can't know which density I used there... (No, i don't write down all my density numbers...;-)

Example 2: Typical use of a GradFilter: Darkening the background behind a subject. Then, with the AdjBrush, I remove the Filter on the subject's face. Well, I better do it perfectly in one go... Because if I remove a bit of the Filter outside the face area (the background thus), it's after that impossible to know by which density this area was affected, which prevent me to fill it back correctly, without affecting the "gradual decaying of the density"...

Would a contextual menu item be possible..? Like CTRL-Click any adjusted area (wether form a GradFilter or from a AdjBrush) and see the Density number.
You guys would give us (I dare to think I'm not alone having this wish) a great improved Fine-tuning/adjustment tool!

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Great idea and from using Nik Filters we all know it can be done ;)
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I'm with you on that - especially while using a grad filter and removing the adjustment - if you remove too much, I personally wouldn't even care for a "density number", but would really like to undo the Brush adjustment locally (so the graduation will be back like in the original grad filter)...