New bug in LightRoom CC 6.2 import

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I Import files from a folder on my HD, "Copy", and direct them to a new set of date driven folders.
I go back and look at the original folder - and the files are gone.
LR appears to have done a "Move", not a "Copy".

I've replicated it 4 times now.

I did a system reboot.
I just took 5 new photos, inserted the card into the computer, and imported the new shots into the 2015 folder I am using. Copy was done by default.
All went fine; and the photos remained on the card.

However, I just went back to the same import of the new raw files from a separate folder on the hard drive.
I imported these with "copy" into the same 2015 folder.
They were inserted into the 2015 folder just fine.
However, when I went back to the source folder on the HD - it was empty.

Windows 10 Professional x64
i7 CPU 4510 @ 2.00GHz, 4 Core(s)
Physical Memory (RAM) 12.00 GB
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Posted 4 years ago

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It gets stranger. This bug occurred in a 2nd catalog I had created to teach an Intro to LR class. I thought about resetting preferences.

Before I tried to reset the preferences, I went back to my main "All Photos" catalog. This has been the "original" catalog since day 1, updating along the way when new versions came out.
I reproduced my same steps.
This time, the source folder remained full. Yeah!

I then reopened my small catalog I use for the class (Open Recent..) without closing LR.
It behaved as before - the source folder was cleaned out. Boo!

This smaller second catalog was created from the first by simply exporting a smaller set of photos I use for demonstrating things like import, keywording, etc.

So I went to a third catalog - one I use to manage our local photoclub's Flickr site and web site.
I had created this from my "all photos" but with no exported photos.
When I reproduced the import from a HD source folder, the source folder was then cleaned out after the import.

Bottom line - I'm quite baffled. Since my main "all photos" catalog behaves just fine, I will just watch myself with these smaller secondary catalogs when importing from folders on the HD.
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Kjetil Drarvik, Employee

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Hi Jim,

Looks like you've found a bug indeed.

I'll contact you via e-mail.
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Kjetil Drarvik, Employee

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To close the loop, for others who might encounter this bug:

The root cause appears to be a preference (a remembered choice, really) which isn't being handled quite correctly in the latest version of Lightroom.

To work around the problem, one can either delete/reset Lightroom's preferences entirely, or tweak the problematic preference in particular.

Information on where to find Lightroom's preferences can be found here:

Note that Lightroom must NOT be running while you reset the preferences.

On OS X, it is possible to reset the specific preference value by executing the following command at the command prompt in a Terminal window, while Lightroom is NOT running:

defaults delete com.adobe.Lightroom6 AgImport_preferredImportBehavior

On Windows, resetting the preference amounts to editing the preference file (with Lightroom NOT running) with a PLAIN TEXT editor, e.g. Notepad, and deleting the line which contains the 'AgImport_preferredImportBehavior' string.
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Tested on a Windows 10 machine, 6.2.1 after cloning a catalogue and photos from my Mac. First import is always a move, subsequent are copies. Refresh the catalogue and the cycle repeats.