Photoshop: New Brush Features (Initial Stroke Rotation, Dual Brush Rotation, GPU based brush performane) etc...

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The Brush Engine hasn't seen any updates for a while now-- and it could really use some updates to keep up with other Drawing programs... I attached a video by Boro Drawing that goes over the first three features in ArtStudio Pro (and why I so badly want these features in PS):

1. Add an option under Shape Dynamics called "Initial Stroke Rotation Jitter" where the value will rotate the brush that amount per each new stroke. This will further make brushes more natural and real as there will be more variation to every stroke. The current Angle Jitter doesn't work like this-- it rotates for each stamp of the brush during the entire stroke.(ArtStudio Pro on iPad has this and also fully supports every other Photoshop Brush setting)

2. Under Dual Brush add an option called "Dual Brush Rotation" where the value rotates the dual brush by that amount during the stroke. This way that while you do a stroke the dual brush is actually rotating a set amount through the entire duration of the stroke. This again will allow for some truly dynamic brushes the likes of which currently aren't possible in Photoshop. (ArtStudio Pro on iPad has this and also fully supports every other Photoshop Brush setting)

3. Can Flat or edge blending be added to Photoshop where the middle of the brush maintains color and texture but the edges of the brush blend with other colors on the canvas. Works well as a wet painting effect. (ArtStudio Pro and Procreate have dynamics like this.)

4. Can brushes have parameter limits such as making a pencil brush with a min and max size? I think this is useful in tailoring custom brushes way more than is currently possible. (ArtStudio Pro has features like this...)

5. Can we have individual pressure/tilt curves for the different settings in the Brush panel that have the option for Pen Pressure/Tilt degree. This way we can control specifically how specific pen pressure or tilt angle will affect the brush. For example, with tilt curves on the size jitter you'd be able to control how much the brush would need to be tilted to get the full increase tilt size, etc.

6. Can we have greater Shape Dynamic "Tilt Scale" than 200%? For many brushes setting the size jitter to pen tilt and then increasing the tilt to 200% barely makes a noticeable tilt difference. This is often true even if the brush tip angle is 90 degrees. ArtStudio Pro for example lets you enter values higher than 400%.

7. Can the brush performance be boosted by GPU? Right now larger brushes often feel too laggy, even if only 400 - 500 pixels and with spacing not that close-- yet when I use large brushes in Procreate or ArtStudio Pro they are much faster and lag free. Heck even Verve (free painting program on PC) is totally lagless with brushes far larger than 500px and there's a ton of GPU rendering dynamics going on instantly and laglessly. Also to make things worse ArtStudio Pro fully supports Photoshop brushes and large brushes work faster there then in Photoshop (and I have a good computer to boot). Procreate 5 is said to have full Photoshop brush support I'll be testing if they perform better in Procreate then in Photoshop itself.

8. This last idea is more out there but.. would be really interesting in what it allows you to do with custom brushes. Could we have the ability to load multiple brush tips into a brush (like 5 or more) and have it cycle between them in a bevvy of controlled or uncontrolled ways (I'm not talking about Dual Brush). Say you had a brush that cycled between differently selected brush tips per stamp all controlled by a bunch of options, pressure, tilt, etc. For example, tilting would switch to x brush tip, where as drawing upright would use y brush tip. Or you could have spatter brushes that just run through the different tips in order, or randomly, or reverse order-- for example a brush that spat out hearts, and starts, and circles, and you had control over how it worked. This could make for some truly amazing brushes. Verve painter currently has features similar to this. I heard Affinity has something akin to this too though maybe not as useful.
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Posted 8 months ago

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Agree 100%! Especially No 8. Affinities version works quite well, actually:)
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Cool! Yeah I don't know much about it in Affinity but I had heard there was something like it there. Thanks for your support! :)
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Excellent Post. I hope they adopt all of it.
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yes please!
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It is always great to hear that there are new features and what not. The thing is everytime they add somethingĀ  new there seem to have so many problems. That is why I never want to upgrade anymore. Once you are set with a version, they will add new features but will not clear out all the bugs.