Lightroom: Neon Mosaic Corruption of images only in LR3

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Hi Group,

I'm a lot freaked out right now. Over a year ago I had what seemed to be bad RAM Memory, corrupting images in Bridge, LR, and Windows Explorer Viewing program. Seemed to go away after changing Memory.

Now on exporting 42 images, twice, I got 1 corruption on each export. In addition, I used Windows to copy over 150K files. Starting trying to Import Add in LR3 and out of 1343, 1 new file is corrupted. I have also had approximately 50 new corruptions in addition to ones from the bad Memory.

I'm lost at words, but know I need to back-up to 2 or more hard drives (1 external only for replacing corrupt images) and 1 DVD which won't be able to be written to (to avoid software writes that lead to corruption).

What is going on? This seems like a software issue, even if there might be hardware issues additionally. Windows 7 & XP multiple drives 5, box has been completly replaced except Quad 6600 Intel processor.

Tomorrow will test two other boxes by importing 86K images for obvious corruptions.


Windows 7 64 bit, Quad 6600 4 core, 8GB Kingston X-Hyper 1600 DDR3
LR3.4.1 just updated this morning and most recent Import Add had 2 files corrupted out of 1600.

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  • extremely frustrated, sad and mad 12 step in repeat

Posted 9 years ago

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Thanks Zack.
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Zack, we haven't been able to make this happen so far. Some more information might help.

Can you provide a file that gets corrupted when you export? (we'd like the file pre-export and post-export).

Are you seeing this problem on both Windows 7 and XP? Or just one of those systems?

What camera are these images from? Are they raw or jpeg?

What is the location of the files:
a) before importing
b) after importing
c) after exporting

Thanks for the help,
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Currently Win7.

I started with the earliest images, so Canon ProPowershot in .CR2.

The exports have all been Nikon D300s .nef

a) external Drive (WD Greeen 2TB)
b) added so it stayed in the same folder

c) to desktop of Admin Account

Others errors have been from WD Green 2TB (internal) to the said drive (a), both with the (a) drive in the box and in a USB3.0 external case.

Most of these errors would be end-of-file errors or reading issues, showing up first in Bridge or LR3. Only major ones turn into rectangle shift puzzles with partial neon or lost color channels

I have been copying over 2 drives, in hopes of always having 2 clean copies...I have been deleting many -2 & (1) duplicates in order to get done to 1 copy of each image per disk.

The corruption rate has gone up highly of late. I just ran Intel Processor test/diagnostic and passed without any errors.

Trying to
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From Canon 20D raw .CR2

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It really sounds like you're having hardware issues again, unfortunately. Your report and pictures are very consistent with similar cases we've seen.

Are all of the corrupted images coming from (or sitting on) the WD Green drive? That sounds suspicious. Also, any chance that some of these images had been previously corrupted last year?
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I have run multiple hardware stress tests, none of which show any errors. Copying from disk to disk shows no errors.

Its during the initial reading and initialization. Most of them go from the thumbnail read or jpg and then turns when LR puts in its own render.

The recent corruptions have for the most part not neoned the image but dropped the end of the file and made a smudge mark for about 100-300pixel high row. These are from less than 2yr old files from D300s .NEF and Canon .CR2 D Mark II and 40D.

I plan to do more tests from different machines, I need to be slow because my safety net is to keep a good copy on a disk that only writes to the external that I upload from.

I need top formalize a Portfolio for Potential customers on their requests, so I have decided to back-up and burn the 1st copy with any more potential corruptions, so getting to recovery and better tests, will take me a couple of weeks sadly.

This is giving me a nervous break-down
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Any news from Adobe team about this problem ???