Lightroom 4: Need speed keys for new Modules and views

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In LR4:
How about speed keys for the new modules? e.g. ctrl+alt+6 for Map
How about speed keys for views on new modules? e.g. "M" to go to Map view
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All modules have speed keys, the new ones, too. Just open the windows menu to see them. "Map" is ctrl+alt+3. By the way, ctrl+alt+6 is "Print" - the existing modules slidshow, print and web have changed places because of book and map.

As for the view speed keys: I think it would be confusing if every module would have *global* view speed keys. IMHO the current situations is ok, where only library and develop have such global speed keys (GECN,DRK) - note that in some modules, there are additional possiilities to directly jump to other develop-views/tools (RQKMW), but they are not the same in all modules (full set is only available in library in of course in develop itself, RK seems to be available everywhere) .
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Thanks for pointing out the module keys. I had looked in the "keyboard shortcuts" in help (F1) and there "ctrl+alt+3" is listed as go to slideshow and there is nothing listed for Map Module or Book modules. Looks like they forgot to update this for LR4, even though the page heading says LR4. Maybe I need to reload something to get the latest version (although I hit the "check for updates" and it said I was current)

I hear what you say about global speed keys, but I think each of the modules ought to have at least one. "M" for map, "P" for Print, etc. I know I may be picky, but clicking "G" to go to the grid view is a heck of a lot easier than ctrl+alt+1 and those extra key strokes do add up over time (just ask my carpal tunnel).
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Yes I've been finding this annoying. I press G for library and D for develop. It's not very ergonomic to stretch the fingers for CTRL+ALT+3 for the map

Why not just let us define our own keys?
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Good advice from Victoria Bampton from another thread:

"Keyboard Tamer plug-in will allow you to edit keyboard shortcuts, although I'm not 100% sure it's fully compatible with the beta yet.

Alternatively, you can also find the TranslatedStrings.txt file, open it in a text editor and edit the shortcuts manually. It would be great to have customizable keyboard shortcuts, but those are the workarounds in the meantime.

You can find this and more tips in her book "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ: Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users". The LR 4 version seems to be available already.
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As I'm on the hard work to spend GPS datas to all my photos via Lightroom it would be very very helpful to have a global speed key with only one button to the map module. I have to change very often between library (for looking up local names in keywords) and map and it's a pain to use always the 3 button key with long fingers or two hands.

With "Keyboard Tamer" you can edit many things, but not a global key to the map module.