Photoshop: Need way to remap hotkeys using "Control" on macOS for left-hander

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As a lefthander on a Macbook Pro, I only have ONE CONTROL KEY -- on the left side of my keyboard.  If I am using the brush tool I have to go across the keyboard with my right hand to find the CONTROL and OPTION keys to do draggable adjustments for diameter and hardness.  (In fact, if I am using my touchpad to control the brush, I literally have to cross my hands.)  While I am fully aware I can use other techniques to adjust diameter and hardness, the hotkeys+drag method is very intuitive (or would be if my hands weren't crossed.)
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Posted 1 year ago

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This would need to be done at the OS level:

If you have a touchbar, you should be able to map it there.
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I don't have a touch bar. I'm not looking to change the control key functionality or add an additional control key -- but a way to use something other than the control key to do the same function.  Adobe offers customization for many shortcuts -- just not this. Left-handers are approximately 10 percent of the population and are often forgotten in the design phase -- be it software, scissors, lawnmowers, or gas pumps. 
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Howdy Liz,

You are correct -- the design of most things, from automatic transmissions to keyboards are designed for right-handed people.  And that ain't right...

So, why aren't we fixing this super-fast with a smile and apology, quite frankly, like we should?  Cuz we can't.  I mean, not really.  8-(

Photoshop is software and we kinda have to live within the scope of the OSes we run on.  In this case, the OS has a pretty heavy right-handed focus and doesn't make the kind of key remapping you're hoping for easy.  We actually looked at this about ten years ago when we added support for languages that make heavy use of the AltGr (right-handed ALT) key for dead-keys -- adding diacritical marks to certain characters (like Đ ł ě etc) as found in some Eastern European languages, such as Czech, Hungarian, Polish, etc.  We found that while we could make it work in some cases, there just was no effective universal solution that wasn't buggy -- cuz this really is the OS's work, not an individual application's.

I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.  Sorry.

Have a nice day,

p.s. -- full disclosure: I moonlight teaching inclusive, internationalized product design.  And the effective sub-title of that course is: how to make software that's NOT designed for able-bodied, (right-handed,) English-speaking, North American, white guys under 45, cuz that is the unfortunate norm for most products.  Adobe actually does better than most companies at aiming for inclusiveness in our apps...this is the sort of thing we do try to address when we can...