LIGHTROOM - Need faster way to confirm or reject facial recognition suggestions

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I have 53000 photos....I run facial recognition on the entire catalog.
I then pick a name and it shows a set of SIMILAR photos with  Fred?
Currently I acknowledge a group with shift to start and shift at end.
Then I have to pick ones to reject....each time I unpick one it take 5 seconds
this takes an eternity.

It needs to be as fast as I can click on the screen on each.
So ...if the issue is that its still scanning ...I want to PAUSE scanning, while I deal with the SIMILAR pictures presented
Second, for selecting from the SIMILAR it would be great to use the painter tool when I could spray ones I agreed with and held down ALT and sprayed for ones I disagreed with.
The key is that it has to be fast  !!
It seems like the hard work is done of facial recognition, the select and deselect should take no CPU, note I haven't even hit to accept...I'm JUST highlighting the ones I agree with (white line around).  I can accept that when I hit the little checkmark and it adds them that it takes a little while as I can go do something.
Also, I have tried in windows task manager to increase priority but to no avail
There should be a way to say I want the entire computer processing to be used (with other to revert back to normal)

Seriously I will be doing this for 10 years to get through them all..
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Posted 3 years ago

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"I then pick a name and it shows a set of SIMILAR photos"

I assume you are using the "Find Similar Faces..." command or double-click to get into the single person view?

You can try to focus your source selection(s) to a smaller set when you are doing this. Depending on the number of faces that you have in 53000 photos, the database query/update can take some time. 
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The problem with breaking down into smaller have to do all the people over and over in the smaller sets.
When you mention the database query/update ....what do you refer to ?   
The facial recognition has picked a page full of similar and i want to select a couple of pages and then deselect the few that are not FRED ...this is what takes forever.....I haven't even gotten to the point of clicking the check box to commit that  YES, these are FRED.  
I should be able to select them as fast as possible.....then when I click that these ARE FRED and to update...I'm ok with that taking a while cause i can walk away.