Need a MODERATOR for special help removing a Rogue account whose profile has gone missing!

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I need special help removing a Rogue account whose profile has gone missing!

First off this all happens using Safari in iOS 13.5.1 on iPhone 6s Plus.

There's a huge problem with a Sign-In-with-Facebook account in

1. I go to and opt for Sign Up with Facebook. On iPhone, that works like this: first, you have to log in to a Facebook account in Safari. That's the account being used whenever you need to use a Facebook account to sign in.
I'm successfully signed in to but just as I am, I realize that I'm logged in to the wrong Facebook account! So I go into the profile and delete the account, and sign out.
Then I go into the Facebook account and remove the "Logged in With Facebook" access for "Get Satisfaction" (which is used by

2. I switch logged in account for Facebook and using that account, I successfully sign up for an account on

3. But then I notice that when tapping the "down" symbol next to the account photo, it still shows the name for THE OTHER Facebook account! So I tap the Profile link to see what's going on, but I get a "Page not found :(" message in stead:

4. So I check the "Logged in With Facebook" list for the currently logged in Facebook account and it correctly has the "Get Satisfaction" added.

5. So I sign out of and close Safari (double-click home button and swipe up Safari), open Settings and clear all Website Data in Safari for, restart Safari and check that I'm still logged in to the correct Facebook account and finally, sign in to But it still shows the name for the wrong Facebook account, and there's still no Profile!!

6. So I sign out of again, and opt for Sign Up with Facebook, this time using the failing Facebook account. But there's still no Profile.

Please assist.
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Posted 1 month ago

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This seems to be the third thread that you post about the same problem, but I still do not understand the problem to begin with. This is just a forum, nothing more, nothing less. You don’t need it to work with Adobe products, it’s just for giving feedback about bugs or feature requests. You are logged in and you can post messages, so what exactly do you think is still wrong?
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You talk about a ‘missing profile’. Do you perhaps want to log into your account at Adobe? That is at, not here.
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This and the other reply by Johan are helpful for perhaps the wrong reason.  I had an almost identical problem with an entirely different product from an entirely different supplier.  I'd be busily using the product, look for help and the help system would tell be that it had never heard of me, but I'd check my account and it'd tell me it had heard of be but with a different identity and with an account that had expired. 

I think much software is viewed from at least three viewpoints.  Two are obvious: the supplier's, the customers'.  But there is a third viewpoint: the expert customers.  I think that the supplier and the experts might have similar viewpoints, but most normal, mortal customers expect help to be helpful and to understand that a customer seeking help is probably not an expert. 

Sociologists often get students to do an experiment: Stand on a street corner and ask a local for directions to a popular landmark.  If they ask in the local vernacular, they get a brief description like: "It's over the road from the Unley Town Hall."  If they ask using non local vernacular, they usually get a much longer description that might start with a question like, "Do you know where Unley is?"

This might explain why Anders thinks he has an annoying problem and Johan thinks there is no problem.
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When I'm on my iPhone or iPad, I've switched to using Google Chrome instead of Safari (I prefer Safari, but I cannot access this site as expected using it).

It's a little tricky in that I've kept Safari as my default iOS browser (I prefer it), so I have to copy and paste the URL over to Google Chrome if I decide that I want to respond to a post.

Download & install Google Chrome

When on my Mac with the Desktop version of Safari, everything works as expected.