My wishlist for Lightroom 4.x

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I have to say that overall I'm satisfied with LR. However everyone has a wishlist, and here's mine: it's filtered by "what's doable in a reasonable time" (I'm a developer myself, so I have an idea...) and sorted by most-important first.
Disclaimer: I know, a couple of these things can be (partially) done with 3rd-party plugins, but I think they should be handled by LR itself.

1) exif editor/selector
I'm thinking in particular of lens information: over the years I accumulated lots of multiple tags, which I periodically fix manipulating the catalog with sqlite. I remember a case where I found 4 different tags for the same lens, like (say) "DT 16-50 f2", "DT 16-50 f2.0", "16-50 f2.0", "16-50 f/2.0" etc.
I'd like to fix these safely and inside LR.
Even better would be to be able to pick arbitrary exif tags from images and import in LR.

2) low-priority exports
I have a publish service that exports to jpeg on the hard drive. When I run it on my laptop, it makes the computer melt.
Frankly, I don't remember LR2 or LR3 to be that cpu-hungry, I'd guess the code is now multicore-optimized, so it should take less time overall (I hope, but I'm not sure); however this is THE OPPOSITE of what I'd wish... I want to run a low-low-low priority task using 10% of my cpu, and I don't care if it lasts all the night.
Note that decreasing the priority of threads from the OS may not be sufficient, because if noting else is running, they will anyway get 100% of cpu time.
A suboptimal workaround would be: add a pause button to running tasks.

3) zoom number in book module
when you place an image in a template in the book module, you can select the zoom level with your mouse, but cannot enter the number with the keyboard. It's not really user friendly...

4) search by developer preset (reliably) and notify of missing files
LR tends to ignore silently files that are not present on the drive.
For example, I installed a custom lens profile for a fisheye lens, and I created a developer preset called "Apply fisheye correction". For some reason, LR thinks that I never used it.
Even worse, if I move the lens profile file somewhere else and I open a photo that uses it, everything is fine, except that the image is not corrected. No warning whatsoever.
Similarly for camera profiles (I think a missing camera profile automatically falls back to Adobe Standard).
What I'd like is a filter that says: "find all images that depend on (developer preset)/(camera profiles)/(lens profiles)/(icc color profiles)".

5) automatic creation of snapshots from virtual copies
when you export sidecar .xmp, information about virtual copies is lost: if LR saved a snapshot for the original and one for every virtual copy, it would do.

6) import/export entire develop history from/to .xmp
I keep in sync two lightroom catalogs on two different machines using .xmp
In general it's not really a problem, because the final state is what matters, and if care about some intermediate step, I can save a snapshot.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Please post one request per topic, so people can discuss and vote on them separately.
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Re: #4 - I couldn't agree more. Silently doing the wrong thing is, well, bad.

Advanced Color Editor (a free plugin I wrote) has validator for camera profiles, but not lens profiles.

Not sure how an image could depend on an icc profile. if you haven't left the building - please explain.
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Lens profile validation can now be done using a script named

'Validate Lens Profiles'

free by me here: