My Dream Features for the Next Photoshop

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Here is my dream list for the next version of Photoshop. I keep hoping these might make it into the next version, so please let me know what you think!

1. Users should be able to select more than one warp point at a time when using the Transform > Warp tool. I use it all the time to warp reference into perspective, and the fact that you can only select one point at a time makes if much less valuable. If you could select one side of the warp grid, pull all of those points in at the same time, and then select another group of points, would be a major enhancement. By the way, some people have pointed me to the liquify tool as an alternative, but that is no good for warping hard objects like architecture. I am a digital matte artist, and I use it for warping buildings, machinery, and lots of hard edged objects, and liquify does that very poorly.

2. Users should be able to choose to have more warp grid points when using the Transform > Warp tool. Now you can only choose 16, but it would be nice to be able to choose 9, 16, or 32.

3. I use a Wacom tablet while I am working, and I wish there was a "reverse" check box for all of the brush tool controls. For instance, I would love to be able to use scatter in conjunction with the tilt control on the brush, so that when the brush was upright, it would have no scatter, and when it was tilted, it would add a lot of scatter. As it is now, it has lots of scatter when it is upright when I set that control, and gets less scatter when I tilt the pen, exactly the reverse I what I want. So if there was a "reverse" check box for every control, I could just check that and get what I want. It would be useful for lots of the controls. For instance, with opacity, if you checked reverse, when you pressed softly, it would be at full opacity, and when you pressed harder, it would be less opaque. That may sound a little weird, but I think it would be a very useful control for all of the pen controls.

4. The ability to paint with a selected image is still awkwardly implemented. I wish you could select an area of an image that you wanted to paint with, perhaps by Option-Dragging around it with your pen. That area would be loaded into the brush, with all of the color and tone information, and could be resized just like a regular brush. As it is now, the selection area is determined by the current size of the brush, which is much less useful than being able to drag around an area of tone you want to use for the brush, and then being able to use that area of tone to paint with at any size after the selection.

These 4 additions would make a huge difference in my use of Photoshop.
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