Photoshop Mobile: My Idea for Photoshop CC 2.0 on Ipad!

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Hi there

To me, Photoshop is not Procreate. Photoshop is Photoshop. The professional tool I used to use to do professional work, so I would like to introduce you guys to my idea. Sorry in advance for bad English but I'm Italian.


This is a very bad thing I tried to edit and I hope anyone can appreciate it. I am not a designer so I'm sorry for the bad alignment and stuff of thigs but is to get an idea of what Photoshop is meant to be. (at least for me).


MY IDEA: PHOTOSHOP 2.0 (Click on the image to enlarge)




What can you see I am thinking about Photoshop CC full desktop version on Ipad pro, It's not Procreate, but Photoshop.. the one all we know.


List of things I would like to see on the changelog:



Again this is Photoshop, not Procreate, so we (professionals) need a navbar. There is all that useless used space by the Navbar we can add all the elements we want, so I just added previous Photoshop UI stuff like all the context menu. Now is far better.

Also, we can shrink and compress the navbar to gain more space vertically, since IpadPro is a little screen, that 0,2 mm would be a HUGE gain! 

Also with content menus on the Navbar is all easier to release in the future for Adobe, all new addons and new things and stuff!



For example, I found distracting the container layer size. Is too wide, We should have an option to drag it at our likeness, so we can gain extra space to add some other things like colors, or we can just have more space for the canvas to draw. I don't think you guys rename layers with longer names like "pleasetogashikeeponhunterxhunter" no? I may rename it "Color" or "Value" or "Line". Very short! But keep on reading.



In Photoshop CC desktop app there is a possibility to group and dock which panel we like and make our custom workspace. In Photoshop CC Ipad Pro, there is no way.

I would suggest giving the ability to create a personal workspace because each of us has different preferences.



As I said before, we need each tool, that can be selected by the new navbar in the "Windows" section, to have a popup window for itself.

For example, if I go on "Window" and select "History", it will popup to me a Panel of the "History" so I can dock it and group to all others I have, and I can resize it how I want to match my likeness. 

This is valid for each feature I hope that will be released on the Photoshop CC Ipad Pro app (you can see in the Photo what the Window menu should have on the list)




This does not need any presentation. This tool is very powerful and I know that they will release it with time! 



I don't like the way you added Filters to the right because it will interfere with the workflow since at the right I wanna pick a color, change layer, select my brush on the tool preset window, apply an adjustment to the image, but not select a filter

Again I suggest adding in the navbar the textbox "Filters". Easier and cleaner.

Of course, we would need all the filters, but the most important would be just enough for a 2.0 version! 



This is a very interesting tool that allows artists to record their drawing process.

Procreate does create a time-lapse based on each stoke record made by the artist but this not record the entire UI so it will be useless for an artist that maybe wanna teach something to show what he has done!

I suggest to create an internal recording tool, to record all the iPad screen.

You could say "You have yet Apple screen recorder that is perfect", yes we can use that. But what about if Adobe Photoshop CC on Ipad Pro would have it integrated? It will be using less power and energy, and also have some options!

You Think!



I don't see how we can import .tpl or .abr files. I hope it will come soon the possibility to do so

I would also suggest having the "Tool preset" panel because we can create our custom workflow with that! 



This is the most important thing, nobody has implemented. I know that Ipad and Apple Pencil don't use the same technology as Wacom, but if you worked to get it on desktop, why could it be not possible also on the iPad? 

This will be a huge thing! 

You may say that it is impossible to do because the pencil uses an active technology so it will need to be near the screen to be recognized by the software, but if this could be done, do it. If we will see the brush moving when we are very close to the screen, we don't care. We will appreciate. And also we could have an option for that to toggle on/off for people who don't like this.



I suggest an in-depth curve pressure/tilt settings for the Apple Pencil like there is one on Clip Studio Paint or Procreate. Any of us have a different hand pressure when drawing. We would just love this! Please do it



I suggest fixing an apple pencil. It has an enormous lag sometimes even on the new powerful Ipad! 



Nice, you're working on Yet! Appreciate It!



I suggest giving us the possibility to adjust as our likeness, each shortcut or some gesture!



I suggest that we need more! All we have on the desktop app! 

(I suggest to make them come also on the panel, so one can undock and group when opened)



I suggest that we would need more exporting formats like the desktop app!



I suggest to make it also an undockable panel like others so when we want we can arrange it for our likeness. It's missing color harmonies that would be of huge help!



I suggest giving user possibility to reduce or enlarge the UI size and elements? 


So this for me is all I would like to see for now in the Photoshop CC app for Ipad Pro.

I may think that Adobe has missed the meta for this app as they have done with Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Elements, etc, etc.. I don't want this app to be a "spin-off" I just want to be Photoshop CC where I used to do professional work on it!

I will support adobe, I don't like the subscription thing, but if we are paying for updates and improvements, please listen to your community!

Please, any of you guys explain your idea below this post so we can have all a clear vision of what we want together! 

I hope Adobe will read this and provide tools to their engineering and design team to make good work,

we don't need a "minimalist" app. We need tools for doing professional work. So add :)! Thanks, Adobe

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