Multi photo studio, multi editors, multi images production. 1 newer cloudy app!

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When you have more then 4, 10 or 20 photo studios to deal with;

When you have 10, 12, 20, camera color profiles to update time to time on 30 or 40 computers;

When you want every photographer send all images rapidly, but... not before make the images pass through the studio manager approved defaults for camera ISO, light, or focal length, or even video duration, giving immediate alert to re-shoot, allowing improve productivity and avoiding many errors on workflow and improve client satisfaction with product.

When you have weekly or daily updates of: scripts, actions, color profiles, for your team and other country teams of your corporate company. And you need every Adobe apps computer updated by just to turning computer on at the begin of the day. When you want to have install log reports from every single computer scripts and all assets daily update.

When you want to get access to every single image knowing where it is on the overall process (studio, re-shoot, checkin photo department, edition team, quality team, ...) getting also timetable data to user productivity and production better control.

When you want to design your own grid, and the inner 'crop tool' on Photoshop don't have the inner grid you need. You have to script your own grid, crop it, adding intelligence to you crops, out of racio error detection. The intelligent crop can also read text notes from XMP directly to Photoshop crop grid and read written notes of 'check-in photos guys' also directly to the crop grid. Also you can add intelligent crop increase / decrease and x,y position and angle from image to image opened in Photoshop.

When you want to have the huge advantage of having the XMP technology, adding your own namespace and your own properties to your individual photos and videos. And your Info XMP panel (personalized) are always daily updated on all computers.

When you want that all images to be immediately uploaded to database but also to the cloud, by giving access to invited media agents.

When you want all this in 1 ONE only app or cloud or whatever?

Sorry that app doesn't exist yet.
But it should.

In my effort and experience, I'm having big successes on this path. But I'm always asking myself. Why there is no app the integrates all this?
Discovering what scripts can do to a big workflow makes huge difference.
On my business we have just started and on editors team we had a productivity increase of 450% in 3 years but we could do lot more with a better intelligent cloud.
We have that consistent daily amount of workflow to work with. 5000 images shoot /edited/uploaded every day on high season. Adobe has the rest.

2014, 2015, 2016 will be the year of cloud ONLY if we can do this.
We could be at Adobe disposal to make this happen.
Lets do it!
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