Lightroom: Moving between controls using Tab key in LR4

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When filling in forms whether on websites, in spreadsheets excel/numbers etc or in databases, one usually uses the TAB button to move from one field to the next.

Using Tab / Shift Tab to move the focus would be so incredibly useful, would speed up the processsing of so many photos and that is what good workflow management must be all about.

exposure move to contrast
contrast move to exposure

Yes, opening and closing the sidebars is essential and its great to flick a little pinky finger to the keyboard left and hit that large button. But for every time you want to see a un-impeded version of your image, how many times have you put the mouse on a point on the screen, or moved a slider and then move the pointer onto the next slider and clicked the mouse to select it and moved the exposure 2 stops or worse still, the vertical perspective from +1 to +40, so 10 seconds of computations go ahead as your brushes, and cloned spots are all distorted by the 39 extra points, just for you to undo it (another bunch of seconds as the history state is reinstated), and you move the slider 3 points to where you actually wanted it.

This is frustrating and I'd love to see the tab used as it is for so many other applications - moving focus from one control to another.

However, having read another posters concerns that

  1. Exposure

  2. contrast

  3. Highlight

  4. Shadow

  5. Whites

  6. Blacks

are in an illogical order
and reading Jeff S' replies that its unlikely to be changed,

I can't see this happening, (unless we close ranks, black out websites and ask google to slow webcrawlers - GREAT NEWS SOPA was flattened) which is a shame as I can't be alone in wanting the ability to move the focus between controls using keys

Thumbs up - like ( bottom right of each post / comment ) or comments on this would be appreciated, I'd like to see a good argument for changing the use of TAB to what I'm suggesting.

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as long as you put focus on/select an edit field you can then use the Tab and Shift Key to tab through edit fields.