Camera Raw/Lightroom: Move the Dehaze slider near the Clarity slider (in Basic Panel)

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The new Dehaze effect is great! After setting the white balance, that new slider is my next big thing to move.The type of adjustment feels more like the same kind as the Clarity adjustment.Now I have to scroll all the way down to the Effects panel to use Dehaze. To me it would me way more logically to have the Dehaze near the Clarity slider. That would save a lot of time, scrolling through panels up and down, again and again. Thanks!
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Hans van Eijsden

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Posted 3 years ago

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Robert Frost

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My problem with the Dehaze slider is that it is a global effect. That is usually NOT what I want. Normally it is the sky and far distance that have the haze, and applying the dehaze filter does a reasonable job on that haze, but it ruins the foreground. So I have to use the brush to get rid of the dehaze effect on the foreground.

So I would like to see the dehaze slider in the Graduated Filter. Then it would be much more useful.

Bob Frost
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Hans van Eijsden

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Bob, I agree. Can you please make a new feature request of it? Because it's a different thing. Thanks!
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Sean Phillips

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Yes, this slider really needs to be in the basic panel and ideally right beside clarity. They are so similar yet so different at the same time...
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Lars D. Terkelsen

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Exactly my thoughts. It feels completely logic, that the Dehaze should be right next to Clarity.
And this is interesting: Now with the new LR update, we have Dehaze as local adjustment, and here the Dehaze has found its place between Clarity and Saturation.
So I assume, that the idea of putting Dehaze next to Clarity already has some resonance at Adobe. Let us hope that it falls into place in the next update.
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Joel Weisbrod

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It seems counter-intuitive to have DeHaze in Effects. Effects are things one might apply to create a "special effect" on an image that has already been tweaked to perfection. DeHaze is a mainstream correction that might need to be applied as one of the first adjustments in the tweaking process. Having the DeHaze Slider in the "Presence" section seems like the perfect place as if Clarity is part of "Presence", then certainly DeHaze belongs there as well. As Lars has indicated, in local adjustments it is already next to Clarity so it is time to move it in the main edit panels as well.
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Maybe there is a good reason to separate the Dehaze slider from all the rest that affect global toning and color, but the only reason I can come up with is it might be grouped in the FX area is that Adobe wants to hide it from Photoshop Elements users and its easier to hide it if it's in a tab in the Camera Raw plug-in they already hide instead of having to mess with the Basic toning area.

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Damien Mckinney

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Dehaze slider in basic pane of develop module? Should be. Move the haze.

I suggest moving the dehaze slider from the effects pane to the basic pane in the develop module. I find this may improve workflow. Thanks.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Move Dehaze Slider o the Basic Panel.

In Lightroom, how about moving the Dehaze slider from the bottom of the module to the Basic section between the Clarity and Vibrance sliders)? The same location it is in the brush options?
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Stephen Newport

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I vote no. The clarity slider is not a good global adjustment and should not take up space in the main work area. I only ever use it as a brush
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Cindy Eccles

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Just to confirm, you mean the Dehaze slider? Thanks for the perspective on global adjustments!
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I vote Yes. As a heavy user of Dehaze it would save me a lot of mouse travel if this slider were grouped with the basic section. It's an adjustment I need all the time - in varying amounts. Having it coupled with Clarity makes a lot of sense to me.
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Joel Weisbrod

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YES! Absolutely. This would drastically improve editing workflow. As for the "No" comments, if they move it, you do not need to use it unless you want to. As for it being a global effect, what on the basic panel is not a global effect. As it has been added to the local adjustment panels (graduated filters and brush) we can have both global and local use of dehaze. As it is not a creative effect, it seems out of place in Effects!
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The Dehaze control affects the behavior of ALL the Basic panel controls. IMHO-Placing it (or should I say hiding it) in the Effects panel makes absolutely no sense (i.e. nonsense)! I find Dehaze very useful for normal subject images that have various issues caused by other than atmospheric haze or fog. Because of its location I've created Dehaze Develop presets (0, +20, +40, etc.) to make it easier to apply while I'm making Basic panel adjustments. Just a further indication that it belongs in the Basic panel.