PHOTOSHOP - How do I move a layer without moving the entire selection with it?

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OBVIOUSLY Photoshop made it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to do this when in Gimp, IT IS SOOOOOO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I use the lasso tool on one layer while another layer is hidden, once I am done with my selection, I unhide the layer over the layer I just selected on JUST TO FIND that that layer has been misplaced and needs to be moved before I delete the selection, BUT EVERY TIME I TRY to move the layer THE SELECTION MOVES WITH IT!!! Gimp DOES NOT MOVE THE SELECTION AT ALL When you ONLY MOVE A LAYER!!! it is STUPID that Photoshop DOES NOT DO THE SAME!!! I CANNOT EVEN FIND AN OPTION to make ONLY the layer move and NOT the selection!!!

I googled "Photoshop move layer without moving selection" BUT NOTHING RELEVANT CAME UP LIKE IT IS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!!! EVEN THROWING QUOTES AROUND "without moving selection" DID NOT BRING UP HOW TO DO THIS!!!

How the <profanity removed by admin> do I do this???
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Hi, there are some workarounds

1) my usualy workflow is store all selections in layer mask. I can make selection from layer mask with single click. (ctrl + click on mask thumbnail) If you won't have masked layer click on mask thumbnail with shift key and you will see layer without mask. By default is mask linked with layer. Click on chain icon between thumbnails and you can move layer or mask independently. Depends if you have selected layer or mask. Finally you can renew selection from mask.

2) make selection, move layer, then move selection back. (laso tool > right click on canvas > transform selection)

3) make selection, move layer, press Q key, move selection back, press Q key again

4) you can store selection in "channel panel" It's like workaround #1 but there are differences. Make selection > save selection as channel > deselect > click on "RGB" in channel panel > move layer > restore selection by Ctrl + click on channel thumbnail