Mouse cursor is not updated over library folder panel

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When moving the mouse cursor swiftly from the image view over to the folders panel in the library module, the mouse cursor will almost always have the shape of a horizontal resize arrow pointing left and right. It will remain like this as long as the cursor does not leave the folders panel. It may only change again when the cursor leaves that panel and you try again. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get a mouse cursor of the default pointer shape that you can actually work with. It's hard to point the resize cursor on a specific item and not miss it.

This issue has been there for a long time. Not sure whether it's already been in version 4, but it definitely is in any of the 6.x until today. I've seen other reports of this bug closed as fixed here, so I just try again, with a suggested solution.

As I guess the Adobe developers are not in control over their development tools, may I suggest handling the MouseEnter as well as the MouseMove events on that list control to update the cursor to a default pointer. It seems the cursor (which probably comes from the panel resizer at the right edge of that panel) is only changed back to default in a very tiny area between the resizer and the folders list, but not on the folders list control itself. You may not have noticed yet, but when moving the mouse from one point to another with sufficient speed, it will not be placed in every single pixel along that line, but it will skip pixels. If it skips the area that could properly update the cursor, then the cursor is not updated. When moving the cursoer very slowly, the issue does not occur. This is a fairly basic mistake that any trainee could make, but not very often. From my experience, I'm not expecting any greater level of experience from you, dear Adobe developers, so please use my explanation to fix that nasty bug, finally.
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Posted 3 years ago

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 I have seen this for some time now. Like years. IIRC all the way back to LR 4 and maybe even before that.
This is on several different computers, desktops and notebooks, spanning sever years.
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This happens to me all the time. Lightroom CC, Windows 10. For me, when in the develop module and I want to toggle a panel on/off, it changes to such. On occasions, it would happen when hovering over the sliders. It seems like the pointer gets stuck in that position as those on/off buttons are close to the edge of the panel(and if you move the mouse close to the end it turns in to that horizontal double arrow). I've managed to replicate it...
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I reported the bug years ago. It's probably bottom of the list of thousands of bugs in LR!!

Bob frost

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I believe it's rather on the special "can't fix, too stupid" list. Maybe it needs to be reported more often to have Adobe send their dev team on a course.
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This bug is at least five years old. It should be easy to fix but obviously not interesting enough for the senior developers maintaining LR. Or maybe they are not skilled enough to understand how the mouse cursor is managed in Windows ?

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