Lightroom: More photo caption options in Book Module

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I'd like to have more options for entering photo captions in Book module. When I create a book, I'd like to insert date/time when the photo was taken, sometimes Location information, file name, etc. It would be helpful when I can fully customize Photo caption or use a preset.

What do you think?

Pavel Pola
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I would expect to be able to select any metadata field from LR-DB to populate text boxes in Book module (and in Print module, too - but that is another request).
If you use plug-ins to enhance the metadata fields those should be selectable as well.

If I have entered metadata, I want to be able to reuse them in automated mode for initial filling of the text boxes. Afterwards it should be editable. A right-click option or some such should be available to trigger initial filling again for that field, which would delete any manual overrides.
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I would expect to be able to do this in both the book and print modules.

One need I have for my photos of the local drama group is in addition to the caption is to specify a keyword to display under the photo, from a specific subset of the nested keywords.
e.g. if there is a subset of Plays under which is the name of the play I would want that show in the book & print modules but not necessarily any of the other keywords.
I use the caption field to record the names of the people appearing in the photo (from left to right)
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1. Basic requirements in Print module. Print metadata anywhere on a page.
2, Basic requirement in the Book Module. Edit and create templates. Text fields in templates should contain default meta data field.
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I'm putting together a blurb book and, as in common in many photo books, I'm looking to include location and exposure information as well as the title of the image in the photo's caption. I can't find a way to do this automatically, and having to switch back to Library to ge the exposure information to then type into each caption manually is incredibly tedious.

It would be great if there was a way to have more customisation of "photo caption presets" to allow this. I would like something similar to when creating a custom filename template where I can insert metadata fields into a caption template that will then auto-populate with the specified metadata.

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Book module: insert image metadata in photo caption.
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It would be great if Adobe would just offer a real Blurb (errr ... I mean Book) module ...

Unless or until we are able to create custom page sizes, the module is an exercise in futility ... likened to the Slideshow module which has been ignored for at least two versions ...
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I have completely given up on the book Module.

As far as I am concerned it is immature and incomplete. The number of people that then have further problems after editing, in the pipeline between Lightroom to Blurb and back with the real book, is also scary.

Kudos to Adobe for improving the Raw conversion engine.

But, a real big black mark for providing us with an engine and database to store our metadata and then what appears to me to be an "amateur approach" to handling our formatting and meta data.

[You can replace the phrase "amateur" with a few others of your choice, such as strategy to emasculate Lightroom to force us to use other Adobe products, lack of vision in relation to the true importance of combining images with proper metadata formatting, pressure from marketing to tick marketing boxes rather than finish the product.]

I have already bought all the other relevant products such as Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Professional,etc. What I object to is the overheads and inefficiencies involved in manually cutting and pasting images and text from Lightroom into other applications, when clearly this can be easily dealt with in Lightroom and without creating a multitude of intermediate bloated files (read PSD, INDD, PDF, etc) required in both directions.

End of rant.