Lightroom: More detailed "Image Sizing" info when exporting images

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When exporting images from Lightroom, it would be very useful to have more control and information in the "Image Sizing" box when images being exported. for example:

When "resizing to fit" should we see options to keep proportions, and also see a mini preview if resizing not in proportions, so we know the likely outcome?

This also applies to using long Edge, Short Edge, dimensions, where it would be useful to know in advance BOTH dimensions that will be created, not just the one you select.

Also when I select a max megapixels size, it is often quite inaccurate, so it would be useful again to be told what the actual export size will be so users can tweak if needed the output size to something more acceptable.

Linked to much of the above is that users are given the "full picture" of what thier choices are so they can see for example:
Image dimensions (both axis)
Image size (Mb)
Image size megapixels
A rough preview (where proportions are an issue)

This kind of control would lead to much less need to go back and re-export images, saving time, frustration and leading to happier Lightroom users!


Thanks in advance
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Posted 7 years ago

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|> When "resizing to fit" should we see options to keep proportions...

I've always used 'Width & Height' (which maintains aspect ratio), and so was expecting 'Dimensions' to *not* maintain aspect ratio, but I can't tell them apart - they both seem to do the same thing - am I missing something?

It seems like all options maintain aspect ratio - did you want an option to *not* maintain aspect ratio?

PS - It would be easy enough to write a plugin with an export filter (post-process action) to do "most" of this: sends all the images through a processor that doesn't render anything but just collects info. But my guess is that very few people would use it (?).

I do think Lightroom should have a quick-export option that is good enough for many purposes, and can be used for quick-tests... I sometimes use PreviewExporter for this purpose but @2011-11-15, it has some limitations that are sometimes prohibitive... I mean, if your exports only took 1/4-1/2 second each instead of 3-10 seconds, it would be far less of a problem to re-export (or do a test run first), right?

I think the quick-export feature alone would solve 9X% of the problem, but in concert with some up-front export stats, and maybe even a preview or two before ya go - 'twould be (t)its...

No comment about the aspect ratio part of this - I have no need for re-shaped photos.