Lightroom & Bridge: More color labels for picture classification

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Hi there.I'd like to have a simple but dramatically (imo) new feature in the next Lightroom updates (besides Photoshop and Bridge of course), the possibility to create MORE COLOR LABELS, using all the list of colors you can find -for example- in the TextEdit preferences when u write a text and then you change its color to grey, different kind of yellows, green and so on.The Adobe list of labels is too short at the moment. Thanks for the attention.
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I quite agree, I too would like to see the labelling much more customisable.
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Same here. I'd like to be able to add more labels and change the colors. I know about sets and use them but I'd like to be able to have more labels visible at the same time. I'd also like to be able to apply a secondary label at the same time. In grid view the main label would color the "slide" as well as showing the color flag but the secondary label would also show the color flag.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled More Color Label Choices In Lightroom.

Recently I covered the local horse races. Which broke down to 12 Races a day every Saturday for eight weeks. Each Week was contained into its own individual Folder on my drive, Tagged & Dated. I'd then go edit every week individually in Lightroom. Note: I used two Cameras each week & each Camera has its own Folder for each weeks races. So stacking Photos from multiple folders is not an option, because Lightroom doesn't allow it... : /

Now since I have to take & print peoples orders, the biggest annoyance for me was to visually separate each race (12 Races a day) when searching for a specific race in any given day in grid view.

The best way to do this is by using the Color Labels to separate each individual race I shot on any given race day. Unfortunately there are only 5 color Labels to choose from & I'm dealing with 12 races a day. Note: I do Shoot a Blank with the lens cover on between each race to help with visual separation, but it's not enough.

So there's a real need for me to have a border range of color labels for me to choose from & utilize. I'm not going to put each race for each week into individual Folders, that's a total waste of time & productivity for me. There really needs to be more color labels to choose from.

People have to understand that Lightroom gets used for a broad range of Photography & with that wide range we cannot all be contempt with what has become basically, locked in features & tools sets, no mater how useful they are. There needs to be some leeway & consideration for other peoples editing styles.

I really hope Adobe can add extra colors in. A choice of just 5 is not really good enough anymore. Please allow me to make my workflow & editing easier for my next racing event.

Thank you sincerely,
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I also believe that having more color label would help, but since this is not a reality I would like to make some suggestions to maybe help you with your issue.
My intention is just to give you some ideas and hopefully help you.
1) You have problem when staking because the images are from different cameras, in different folders. If you combine the folders, you would still be able to separate them using Metadata search, by Camera Serial Number - in Library Module, this is a piece of cake
2) Another alternative, I use a lot is to set a Job Identifier for each of the races, that can also be easily selected using Metadata Search.
Hope it helps.
Best regards,
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thanks, yes there are many alternatives, that each require add steps (workarounds). this  issue is about work flow . Speeding things up with less key strokes, To simply see  and to make decisions at the moment. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled More color labels please.

I have been looking at another product that has 10 color labels. I ilke this option and would like to see more different color labels available in Lightroom. I doubt I will switch based on this feature alone but it is one I value highly.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Bridge: Add more color native labels..

I know that the key numbers 0-9 are used to add color labels and the star (1 to 5).

But it would be great to add some more color tags (even if they can't have a shortcut, they could be added by script and manually).

Only 5 color labels some times isn't enough.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Bridge color labels.

I would love to have more than six color labels available in Bridge; or the ability to make custom colors for sorting purposes. I will retouch folders of images and I use the color labels to sort by category. It is so much easier to sort by color instead of by ratings.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please Someone from adobe Lightroom......Such a simple request,.

Please Someone from adobe Lightroom......Such a simple request, I have gone back a number of years. this has been requested so many times!!! Simply to have more color labels available!!! 5 colors is simply NOT enough! Thank you


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Me gustaría saber si hay usuarios de Lightroom a quien las cinco etiquetas de color actuales parecen ser insuficientes.

Actualmente ya hay muchos programas de edición, que ofrecen seis y hasta nueve etiquetas de color para poder asignar a las imágenes. Los cinco actuales puede ser suficiente para algunos usuarios, pero para muchos otros, nos sería muy útil para ponerse en contacto con un poco más. Creo que para los ingenieros de Adobe, no sería difícil incluir un poco más de color.

¿Es esto posible en una futura actualización?
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Google translation:

 "I would like to know if there are Lightroom users to whom the current five color labels appear to be insufficient.

"Currently there are many editing programs, which offer six and even nine color labels to be able to assign to images. The current five may be enough for some users, but for many others, it would be very helpful to get in touch with a little more. I think for Adobe engineers, it would not be difficult to include a little more color.

"Is this possible in a future upgrade?"
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I would prefer please up to 10 color labels and the ability to blend them if necessary.  I use keywording - a lot actually - but to be able to visually separate photos in Library or quickly group photos taken throughout the day would be a big help.  Thanks!
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Whatever happens in Lr also needs to work with no issues in Bridge too please!
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Other applications like Capture One and ViewNX support more than five color labels. Color lables have so many uses and allows instant visual identification of photos in the library.

Please Adobe increase the number of available color labels. The small number currently supported is one of the drivers forcing me to review alternative products.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add more attributes of stars and colors in the attributes panel..

It would be appropriate to be able to customize the attributes panel, being able to add a maximum of ten stars and ten colors. On many occasions, especially for jobs where it is necessary to differentiate and classify images, it would be good to have more options to add more stars and colors.
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I don't use the star rating option -- why? No good answer. But I use the colours extensively and I ran out of colour options some time ago. For example, my catalogue contains a large number of historical analogue prints which are scanned front and back (for whatever is written on the back); front: yellow, back: green. Something like 60% (of 110,000 images) have a colour coding which is a permanent feature of the image.

If I thought about it, I suppose I could come up with a combination of colours and stars that would double the number of options. Something like Yellow + * = VERY Yellow. 
     yellow + * = pale yellow, 
     yellow + ** = dusky yellow, 
     yellow + *** = vanilla yellow, 
     yellow + *** = bright yellow, and 
     yellow + ***** = dazzling yellow

and that makes 25 (somewhat clumsy) options.

More colours - compatible w/ Bridge (as someone has pointed out) - would be better... .
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Classic: Create additional colour labels.

Following a query on the Facebook messenger, I have been asked to put forward a suggestion that it should be possible to create additional colour labels within Lightroom. This follows on from our photo club's use of Lightroom in judging our safari competitions were members team up to take a series of photographs on a given route and subjects. The photos are then judged live on an allocated night with each team being awarded points according to the placing of their photos. Up till now this has not been problem as only up to 5 teams have entered and we have been able to allocate each team an individual colour label and thereafter awarding asterisks to reflect the placing. We now have over 5 teams taking part and are unable to add any further colour labels. Whilst in most cases 5 is adequate allowing individuals to create additional colour labels can be of benefit ( different labels could be allocated to different types of photos - landscape, seascape, formal portraits, informal portraits, sky scapes, townscapes, flora, fauna etc.).